Saturday’s Food For Thought: Red Wine

After a long day of work wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a glass of red wine?!

Saturday’s Food For Thought: Red Wine


Now you have an excuse to sip on your favorite wine due to studies that have suggested that drinking red wine in moderation can improve your health.

Health Facts:


  • 1 glass of wine per night can keep your heart healthy according to the American Heart Association.
  • Red wine can help reduce depression.
  • Red wine has antioxidants in it that can help reduce cholesterol.
  • Those who suffer from type two diabetes should drink at least 1 glass of red wine per week. The antioxidants in red wine may slow the passage of sugar and prevent any blood sugar rise.
  • Red wine can prevent breast cancer. According to the University of Maryland resveratrol, which can be found in grapes and can prevent breast cancer cells from growing.

Why not add a glass of red wine to your evenings and reap the wonderful benefits it gives you.

Happy Weekend!! Thank you for stopping by Kouzounas Kitchen.


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  1. I wish so badly that I liked red wine, because I know of its wonderful benefits. I love dry, citrusy whites, but I’ve yet to find a red that I truly enjoy. Do you have any good suggestions? :)


      1. A sparkling red might work. I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested except for that and the Mavrodaphne. I don’t usually care for sweet wines, but I’ll give it a try if I’m able to find it around here. There is a new Greek restaurant in our downtown area that my husband has been wanting to try, maybe they’d have it on their wine list. We haven’t been doing much dining out since I’ve been losing weight since it’s so much easier to monitor portions and calories at home. I’m sure I could find something very healthy on their menu.

        Thanks so much for the suggestions! :) Have a nice day!


      2. Wow that is great. I would love to see a post on the Greek restaurant you live close to. :) I wonder if they do authentic Greek food or a mixture of modern Greek with authentic? Very interested in hearing about it.

        Yes Mavrodaphne is one of my favorites, but I think you should also try a Retsina, which is a red Greek wine. Let me know what you think and if you liked either or. :)

        You should try out their dolmades if they have them on the appetizer menu. :)


  2. Most research seems to show that the benefits of wine are mostly from the alcohol itself, not the anti-oxidants. So, just about any moderate consumption of alcohol, be it from wine, beer, etc, is beneficial. Interestingly, one study found that anti-oxidants, though they reduce cellular damage, may actually increase the rate of certain cancers. This is because the mutant cancer cells tend to be more harmed by the oxidative radicals than standard human body cells, and thus get selectively killed off.
    But then again if you worry too much about this sort of thing the stress will get you before anything else! RDWHAHB!
    – Dennis, Life Fermented Blog


    1. Good Evening Dennis,
      Thank you for providing us with your feedback and interesting thoughts. I didn’t know that some antioxidants may increase the rate of certain cancers. I will have to do my research upon that. Yes stress will definitely destroy you. This is why my family came up with our lavender company, and we grow and produce lavender products. I will check out your blog tonight, and thanks again for stopping by. Have a great evening.
      – Krystina @ Kouzounas Kitchen


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