Thank you to everyone who has patiently waited to hear of these winners. I have had over 45 contestants and from all around the world. It has been amazing to see all of your submitted recipes & pictures. Everyone shocked me with such outstanding recipes and very very creative. Great job!

What Kouzounas Kitchen was looking for in the winners are the following: creativity, passion, difficulty of the recipe, pictures.

We have 5 winners in the contest. I broke it down to the top three and two runner ups.

I wanted to be fair in the contest so each winner will be receiving a gift in the mail from Kouzounas Kitchen. Great job to everyone!!  Please read below for their featured dishes & a short bio on each of the winners. ~Cheers~

Let’s get to it!! Top 3 winners-

1. Kellie Foglio-

Kellie submitted 2 recipes to us!! Thank you for your hard work & you rock. She submitted French Onion Soup & Greek Stuffed Cabbage rolls, which she was very creative and used wheat bulgur. She then called the recipe- Born Again Bulgur-Beef Bundles- Love the name!! Great job!!

A little bio on Kellie- I love cooking. For the last couple years I’ve gotten interested in entering cooking contests too. This has really broadened my background since I’m constantly trying new ingredients and playing with unfamiliar recipes. Culture through taste is my main inspiration. I’m also part of a recipe club with some girlfriends of mine. We meet every month at rotating houses and cook based on the hostesses theme. We have an excellent time trying new things, having some drinks and getting together just to relax and chat. “What I like best about Kouzounas Kitchen is the emphasis on Mediterranean dishes. I find the region’s food to be healthy, tasty and rooted in local sourcing.”


Image(Kellie’s dish) Born Again Bulgur-Beef Bundles

2.  Darlene Buerger-  Darlene made another favorite recipe of mine. Baklava!! Yummy.. Her recipe is called- “Sweet Honey and Citrus Baklava.” I loved the combination of flavors in this recipe. Great photo as well. I will have to try this soon. As being Greek, I am picky with Baklava, but I think I will love this recipe. Great Job.

Bio on Darlene-

I have been cooking for many years and now that I am retired I can cook all that I want. I love spanakopita and started experimenting with other recipes using phyllo dough.” I love finding new recipes for baklava and your recipe was certainly unusual, so I tried it and it was really outstanding. Keep cooking and enjoy!”


(Darlene’s dish- Sweet Honey & Citrus Baklava.) 

3.  Hidemi Walsh- This was a very interesting way of re making Moussaka Pie. I was very intrigued when I saw this in my email. Her recipe is called: Healthy Moussaka Pie.

Hidemi incorporated whole grain brown rice along with lean beef. Very healthy!! Great job and creative.

Bio on Hidemi-

I am Japanese living in IN. I moved from Tokyo to marry to my American husband. I am a housewife so have lots of time to cook, especially to cook healthy or sugar-free sweets for my diabetic husband. I have been learning American cuisine since I moved from Japan. But my favorite food is Indian and Mediterranean. I am not a vegetarian but love Chick peas! I have lots of recipes cooking with chick peas. “So Kouzounas Kitchen`s website gives me lots of hints when I want to make something new.”


Thank you Hidemi for the great recipe and I too love Indian and of course Mediterranean food. Keep cooking

The top two runner ups-

Leilani D. –  Leilani made an awesome re -makes of many recipes of Kouzounas Kitchen but she made one that really caught my eye, domatokeftedes recipe. She incorporated many fresh herbs to the recipe. Great Job Leilani!

Bio on Leilani-

My true inspirations for cooking are my past vegetarianism, my Auntie Mary and you!

Growing up, my mother wasn’t too much of a foodie.  In fact, we ate out a lot and frozen dinners were a popular dinner choice due to her busy work schedule.  When I was 15 years old, I decided to try out being a vegetarian for Lent, primarily for ethical reasons.  Eight years later, I was still meat free.  Being that I am from cultures that traditionally cook with lots of meat (Mexican and Hawaiian); I was pretty much on my own for food from that point on. I researched different recipes and thus started my journey in the kitchen.  Currently, I am not a vegetarian but I try to eat only lean meats and fish on occasion. My veggie background has allowed me to not rely on eating meat, and I will sometimes go weeks without it.

My second inspiration for cooking is my Auntie Mary.  She’s known as the cook of my family and although she can make just about anything taste delightful, her specialty lies in Mexican cuisine.  My mouth still waters thinking about her Tamales, Arroz con Pollo, Chile Verde and her homemade salsa.  She has never taken formal cooking lessons, but she has a natural gift.  It is my hope to be half the cook that she is one day.

Last but certainly not least, “Kouzounas Kitchen is my final inspiration.  You make cooking exciting and you’ve awakened my inner chef.   For any Type a personalities like me, we tend to get caught up in the structure of things, exact measurements, etc.  You’ve showed me how cooking is about creativity and flexibility.  Self-expression.  Food should tell a story and yours definitely does. Everything I’ve eaten that you’ve made has been truly an experience!  I also love the fact that you appreciate fresh, many times organic, herbs and other ingredients in your food.  Your passion and great energy always translates into a delicious end-product and I look forward to taking more lessons from you in the future.”

Thank you Leilani. Leilani has followed my cooking for quite some time and she has grown to love cooking organically and learning quite a bit from many chefs like myself. She has taken some cooking classes from Kouzounas Kitchen and I have seen her learn and grow in the kitchen. Thank you for all of your kind words and I am very happy you continue to learn from me.


securedownload (4)
(Leilani’s Dish- domatokeftedes)


Neetu Pandey- Neetu made a very unique Espresso cake recipe. It involves raisins, cashews, and walnuts. I love nuts so this recipe is a must for me to try. Thank you very much for a creative recipe. I loved reading this and your pictures are great.

Bio on Neetu-

Neetu Completed her master’s in commerce .I am 23 years old. My hobbies are white water rafting, canoeing, treakking, kayaking, cyclying, and above all cooking.  My inspiration to cook developed from my mother. “I like Kouzounas Kitchen because it includes various new and innovative dishes.”

Thank you Neetu. Neetu comes from India and I had over 45 contestants from all over the world as mentioned before. I am very happy that I have a following from around the world.


(Neetu’s dish- Espresso cake.)

Kouzounas Kitchen will be featuring a youtube channel soon, so you all can actually watch my very own cooking videos. It will have features like, cooking videos, questions & answers for Kouzounas Kitchen, and much more. I would like to feature the top 5 winners on my youtube channel. I will reach out to each of you sometime the end of this week or weekend to see if that can be possible. Thank you everyone for making this contest fun and unique! ~Kali Orexi!
*Questions or comments- feel free to comment below or to kouzounaslive@gmail.com
* I posted this song below to all of the winners & contestants. Job well done! Have a beautiful day!



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