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This past weekend in Napa, Ca


Hello beautiful people! I have been waiting to have internet to post about this past weekend. It was fun, crazy and met some great people. I actually learned quite a bit about a company that I never knew about. Morning Star Farms! For you vegetarians out there you will be quite interested in this.




Morning Star Farms was at the Bottlerock Napa California Event this past weekend. They indeed were one of the top places to visit if you wanted to try an awesome sample of vegetarian eats. I was lucky enough to work for this company along with my friends. One of my friends was very excited to be able to work with them because he is a hard core vegetarian and he really enjoys their products. I was first introduced to Morning Star Farms this past Thursday when the team got together and planned out how everything will go through including the kitchen staff, brand ambassadors, and main managers of the company.




Not only was Morning Star Farms giving out free samples of their top vegetarian burgers, they were also doing a secret menu throughout the day. Some of these items included: Mediterranean chick pea burger, Spicy Black Bean Burger, and Grillers Prime Burger. Yummy! The secret menu included: corn dogs, riblets with an amazing sauce and more. Who could possibly pass up these awesome products?




Although I am a meat eater, I loved these vegetarian products. I think they had an amazing taste and to be honest I will be eating them on a weekly basis. There were over hundreds of people who walked into our Morning Star Farms booth and were hesitant to try the samples, but after they did they loved it. We had great comments and the turnout was great. Not only were the products great, the managers from the company were very down to earth and friendly. They really engage in to the customers and are very passionate about their company.


We even had a few awesome chefs who had many years of experience of grilling, cooking and much more. I was lucky enough to grill with them and meet some of them. Tom and Cory were the main chefs grilling and organizing everything in the kitchen. They had an excellent kitchen team and all did such a great job. Cory let me take some photos of him while he was cooking up a flavorful spicy chipotle sauce. Thank you again to Tom and Cory who let me cook with them and I hope to be able to work with this team again. Good luck to you all and to Morning Star Farms- YOU ROCK! I love the flavors of the burgers and I will be buying your products.





* Next time you are going grocery shopping, why not try these Morning Star Farms products… Pick up some vege burgers or even breakfast items at your local safeway or Whole Foods Market.






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