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Many thanks to Ekaterina!!

Many thanks to my friends on WordPress for helping Kouzounas Kitchen grow. I have met a huge amount of great people on here and I would like to write about one of them.

~The Story of Ekaterina Botziou~  A long time ago, a young English women (with a mixed European background of Irish, French and distant Russian and Polish ancestry) decided to enrich her career as a ballet dancer and moved to Greece to join an up-and-coming dance company and teach ballet to Greek students. It was a life-changing decision in more ways than one…

On the third day of her stay, while out exploring the ruins of Athens, she met a young Greek man who fell hopelessly in love with her. Soon they were married and planned to live happily ever after. And then their first daughter Ekaterina was born.
The family moved to Leigh-on-Sea, England where Ekaterina grew up alongside her younger brother and sister, frequently visiting the motherland to appease their Greek relatives.

 Ekaterina began showing an interest in the literary and performing arts from a young age, writing and performing various plays, short stories and poems, as well as studying ballet and singing. She defied her father’s pleads to learn to play the bouzouki and instead took violin lessons.

Initially deciding to pursue a career as a criminal barrister, (not a criminal, just a barrister), Ekaterina studied Law at University College London, while showcasing her acting skills in several university theatre productions and contributing written articles for student magazines.

After completing her law degree (and suffering with acute legal disillusionment), Ekaterina continued with her drama training while working as a PA within the legal and finance sectors, taking classes at various institutes including RADA, as well as gaining on-set experience through work as a supporting artiste and model, and starring in short films.

She has since gained further roles in main stream film, including Disney’s Blockbuster John Carter of Mars, as well as various TV and commercial roles and has also lent her talents to the voice over industry.

 In 2012,  Ekaterina decided to turn her focus back to her writing and set up her successful blog Ekaterina Botziou: It’s All Greek to Me!  where she shares her rants, raves, recipes, and general Greek philosophy about life with the world. 

She also writes for several local and foreign newspapers and magazines including Cyprus’ hugely successful lifestyle and fashion magazine STATUS and is the founder of The Greek Wives Club – a community group for all the wives/ girlfriends / partners / friends of Greek men to come together and share their experiences of life with a Spartan ape.

Keep an eye out for Ekaterina’s debut book; GREEK EXPECTATIONS – a semi-autobiographical comedy about surviving Greek life and Greek men, which is soon to be released. 

Please check out Ekaterina’s blog at the link below. You will find many Greek stories there as well as lovely photos and much more.

* Check out Ekaterina’s Greek Wives Club Store online.

Ekaterina helped me with a logo for my Kouzounas Kitchen Catering & blog. I haven’t revealed it quite yet, but I will soon. She did a great job and thank you again Ekaterina!

Greek Wives Club Facebook Page-

– Cheers!


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