Some of you might have heard the great news!!

I have officially received my business license for KOUZOUNAS KITCHEN!! I think my yiayia would be smiling down upon me now. ( Or maybe dancing the zeibekiko in heaven.) Yes it is official!! I am working on  the official menu, and will be holding a dinner party sometime in September for family and friends to vote on the final appetizers and sweets. I will keep everyone updated on the dinner as well as the new menu.

Today is Saturday’s Food For Thought!

I thought I would do something a bit more exciting on today’s food for thought. Let’s post about a few different healthy foods. 🙂
Read the list below for some of the healthiest foods to eat.

All of these foods below have Vitamin B1 and did you know that Vitamin B1 helps cell enzyme systems convert oxygen into use usable energy??

You are probably asking okay but why do we need it?? The answer is, Vitamin B1 helps maintain your energy and keeps the heart healthy.

Here is a list of the best sources of Vitamin B1:

Raw sunflower seeds (1/4 cup, 205 calories)

Cooked yellowfin tuna (4 ounces, 157 calories)

Cooked black beans (1 cup, 227 calories)

Cooked corn (1 cup, 177 calories)

Sesame seeds (1/4 cup, 206 calories)

Oatmeal (1 cup, 145 calories)

Cooked asparagus (1 cup, 43 calories)

Brussels sprouts (1 cup, 60 calories)

Cooked spinach (1 cup, 41 calories)

Pineapple (1 cup, 76 calories)

So why not get some Vitamin B1 in you and head to your local grocery store, and grab one of these ingredients. ^^^

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