Saturday’s Thought Is…………

Today’s food for thought is about GRAPES!


1. Grapes can prevent heart disease. Just by eating grapes on a daily basis it helps reduce the cholesterol level.

2. Grapes are high in another polyphenol called “tannin.” Tannins move into the testinal tract and protect from viruses and tumors.

3. Grapes have a high level of caffeic acid. Caffeic acid helps fight cancer.

4. Studies have shown that grapes can prevent brain damage from strokes.

5. Grapes boost brain activity.

6. Grapes boost metabolism. Grapes have a slight laxative effect and are great for dieting.

7. Grapes can increase calorie burning. Oh yeah, for you work out peeps, this is great news!

8. I saved the best for last. (Well the most interesting to me, at least.) Grapes are mostly water. Grapes are anywhere from 65- 85 % water, which means low calories and high hydration.

And we have now concluded our thought of the day! 🙂

* Cheers



  1. I love this post. I remember various doctors telling me about the benefits for grapes during both my pregnancies. A recent study that is well-recognized strongly correlates grapes with significantly reduced risks of type 2 diabetes (along with apples and blueberries!). Great post + go grapes. Especially the fermented variety… 😉

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