The passion and love from a Greek chef.


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I really do love what I do!! When I am not blogging, as most of my family and friends know, I am cooking in my kitchen or coming up with new ideas for my catering menu. I really have a passion for cooking, and most recently I found my love for teaching cooking classes.


Before I ever attended Cordon Bleu here in Sacramento, CA, I was kind of lost. I felt like something was missing in my life. The love and passion I had in the kitchen was there, but I wanted more. I finally decided to become a pastry chef, yet I do remember my chefs stating, “Krystina, maybe your passion is not in this class, but in the full culinary field.” They were right, and I noticed that I never liked to measure flour, sugar or any other ingredient. My love for cooking starts with the very sense of me just playing around the kitchen at 5 years of age and throwing ingredients together. It all started then, and ever since I watched my parents make wonderful Greek recipes, I just knew that this was the road I should take. Although it did take me many years to finally push myself to attend a Culinary School, I succeeded. I passed my final class, as I flew to Greece in 2008 to ex tern in my dad’s friends shop in Piraeus, Greece. I learned how to properly speak the Greek bakery talk, and take care of a φούρνος, (a bakery.) As I look back, I really did jump right into the culinary field. I met a chef in Athens, who needed a Sous chef on the island of Skiathos, and from there I agreed to work at his restaurant. I learned the art of preparing Spanish and dishes.  And to say the least, I learned how to be efficient and fast in the kitchen. (Which this is something that all great chefs should possess.)  From there I went to Las Vegas and jumped right into the Japanese and Chinese cuisine. I learned very much from my Head chef Danny, who had an extreme background in Asian fusion cooking. He taught me how to pair guacamole with our spicy tuna tar- tar and many other great dishes. I unfortunately had a family emergency at the time and had to leave Rice and Company and head back to California where my immediate family resides.


Now days I am working on a catering menu, which has taken me quite some time, but in the end it will be worth it. 🙂 I am working on Greek & Mediterranean fusion cuisine. My goal is the long run is to have a food truck or to have a little cafe where I can present my favorite Greek recipes. You might find me in Sacramento at different events or teaching Greek cooking classes.


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