Saturday’s Food For Thought: Ancient Greeks & Eating

What were the top three main ingredients that were the most important to the Ancient Greeks? 

We all love the first ingredient!! 


Wine was important to the Greeks as it was a must to have when meeting, enjoying music, or having intellectual discussions.


Aww my weakness, and it’s super yummy! Bread was a necessity to the Ancient Greek diet. Greeks produced over 70 different kinds of bread. 


Olive Oil

Seems like all three ingredients are my favorite!!! Olive oil was almost used in every single dish that was on the table in the Ancient days. Ancient greeks only used olive oil for their cooking. (Even though there was other oils available.)

The last two main ingredients that were frequently used were:

Honey & Figs

These two ingredients were used in both savory and sweet dishes. As you all know, you can’t get by making a Greek recipe, if you don’t have honey. LOL






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