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Simple Way To Organize Your Kitchen!


I looked in my kitchen this morning, and said OK, I am cleaning this today!!

I had a few mason jars around the house that weren’t being used, and thought what a great idea to put all my ingredients in mason jars. (Well I couldn’t fit all of my ingredients into mason jars, but I did manage to fill at least 10 jars.) 🙂

Mason Jars Fix The Problem:

You are probably thinking why mason jars?!  We all know that storing food in our pantry or cabinets takes up space. Well, I noticed today that I saved soo much room by storing my dry ingredients into mason jars. Not only do you save room but storing dried foods in mason jars keeps from spoiling. The mason jars actually look pretty cool in my kitchen too. 🙂 (I recommend using white labels, or even purchasing chalk board lids.)

What Can You Store In Mason Jars:

Grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, dried herbs, dried mushrooms, dried fruit, cereals, flour, pasta and more. 


Why not give your kitchen a change, and try out these wonderful mason jars.

Let me know what you think.. 🙂

Happy Friday!




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