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Saturday’s Food For Thought: Wine & Greek Mythology

Happy weekend to you all! I wanted to start Saturday’s Food For Thought with this:

Did you know…. 1 cup of 1% milk has 13 grams of sugar in it?! Interesting huh..??


Saturday’s Food For Thought: Wine & Greek Mythology

Wine is a big part of our Greek culture, and as the ancient Greeks would put it, “Wine touches the Greek psyche.”

The god of wine, Dionysus, was the son of Zeus and Semele. As the story was told, Zeus destroyed Semele, after she asked him to reveal their child as a god, but saved their unborn child by sewing him into his thigh.

Dionysus traveled through Asia, and all the way to India, spreading his love for the vine. To the ancient Greeks, Dionysus became identified with the irony of nature itself, creative and fertile on one hand, and destructive and a wild character on the other. 

Krasi is the modern word for wine in Greek, and derives from the ancient meaning mixture of wine and water. Oinos is the ancient Greek word for wine. 

The history of the vines date back to 5000 B.C., when wine was brought to Greece from Asia. The Greeks had spread the vine all over the world including east to the regions around the Caspian Sea, and west. 

Retsina, a well known wine in Greece, dates back to the ancient times. The Greek wine industry has been divided into three main areas: the small individual producers, the cooperatives, and the private companies. The private companies are the ones who progress the most, and are known for their high quality wines. Some of the well known wines remain in the following places in Greece: Santorini, Crete, Aegean Islands, Peloponnese, Ionian Islands, Thessaly, and Makedonia.

Hope you enjoyed this fun post!! Have a lovely weekend!!



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