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~Aloha From Maui~


I wanted to surprise my blogger friends and community today! We are in Maui for my sisters wedding that is being taken place on this lovely island. I will not be posting Our typical Featured Recipe Thursday or other categories. But I will have a two week special of Maui recipes, where to visit, what the best restaurants are, and plenty more. Follow me on this magical island and check out the great posts to come.

Hawaiian Lingo:

Aloha: Can be used to say hello and goodbye.

Mahalo: Thank you

Howzit: Short for how’s it going.

Shaka: Universal hand gesture of Hawaii that can be used as a form of thanks, a greeting, or a good bye.

Shark Bait: The stark white skin tourists like to tan while visiting the 50th state. Why “shark bait?” Because in the ocean, sharks find that white skin so visually yummy.

Haole: White person but not necessarily derogatory or demeaning, just a fact.

Ohana: Family that can consist of immediate family members, extended relatives, and friends.

Ono: Delicious or scrumptious. “This fish was Ono.”

Now you can chat with the locals or at least know what they are referring to. 🙂

Mahalo and cheers from Kouzounas Kitchen!!

I managed to make breakfast this am for the family. 🙂

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