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Aloha!! We are sure having a blast here in Maui. I am trying my best to post as much as I can but it’s tough to pick up the iPad since I can’t take my eyes off the wonderful view we have. But then again I want to share the beauty of Maui with you all. I am very fortunate to be able to enjoy this and experience this island again.

First off I want to thank our friend Dennis who has shown us around the island and gave us great tips. We have known Dennis for years and he has been a part of our family for a long time. He always tells us about the best restaurants to go to, beaches, and best hot spots to see in Maui.

Last night we took a drive over to Zippys which is a local Restaurant in Kahalui. Let me tell you if you are looking for some local Hawaiian food this place is it. It’s open 24 hours and well worth the drive if you live on the Lahaina side. They have a mixture of different cuisines, but I tell you the Hawaiian food is amazing. My boyfriend had a burger, and he loved the smokey taste and flavor. I ordered the Hawaiian chili and it came with rice. Super comfort food and it hit the spot. My parents had the mahi mahi and Katsu chicken. I recommend the chicken for sure. Okay so when you walk into this place you will notice right away this amazing glass case filled with pastries. All I have to say is TROUBLE!! Trouble in a good way lol,especially for a pastry chef. Let me recommend these amazing doughnut like pastries called malasadas. These delicate pastries are one of a kind. Filled with different pastry cream Flavors, omg it’s heaven. You must try the Napples which is almost like a turn over filled with different cream Flavors. I recommend the coconut. My boyfriend said the outside crust is very similar to tiropitas which is a Greek cheese pie. Don’t forget to try the bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and a caramel glaze over the top. Is your mouth watering yet lol?!

Tomorrow we are heading to Japengo fine dining sushi restaurant that I am super excited about. Located in the Hyatt Regency Resort. Dennis is taking us to sushi tomorrow with his family. Pictures to come tomorrow.

Aloha & Mahalo for stopping by. 🙂
~Kouzounas Kitchen~

By the way I managed to sneak in a picture of me and my turtle friend from our private beach today. 🙂 AMAZING!!

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