Versatile Blogger Award

Yay we were nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by my dear friend over at Kritsayvonne.

We haven’t been nominated for an award for a while, so this was quite pleasing to see!! Thank you very much my friend for the award, and here is how it works.

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The rules for this award are:

1. Display the Versatile Blogger  logo

2. Write a post and link it back to the nominating blogger. Thank you my friend Yvonne for this award.

3. Post seven interesting things about myself.

4. Nominate up to fifteen other bloggers with a comment on why they’ve been nominated. (I nominated 9 of the best bloggers I could think of.)

5. Inform them of their nomination.

Thank you very much to dear Yvonne for awarding us. We are very blessed to receive this award. 🙂

Yvonne has an amazing blog over at where she talks about the beauty of Greece, she also is the author of this fantastic book Kritsotopoulos.

This is a short bio on the book, from Yvonne’s site. >>>  This lively historical adventure, based on the real life of Rodanthe, a young woman he talks about thefrom the village of Kritsa in Crete, depicts her courageous rebellion against Ottoman oppression.

Grab her book here>>>

Back to the Versatile Blogger Award.

 7 Interesting Facts About Me

This is always the hard part I believe!!

1. I am a pastry chef by school, but I do not like to measure! Shhhh don’t tell anyone that. :p

2. I was a chef on the island of Skiathos where they filmed the movie Mama Mia.

3. I am a licensed cosmetologist for over 14 years.

4. My family on my fathers side is from Mani, Greece. I named Kouzounas Kitchen after my grandmother who was a cook in Greece.

5. If I wasn’t cooking, I would be at the beach with my boyfriend, and my puppy Cosmo.

6. I have a puppy who is 10.5 months weighing in at 85 pounds. His dad is a show dog at 100 pounds. So we are going to have a big dog. His name is Cosmo, and we named him after the show Seinfield. Most Greeks like to cal him Kosmos which means people.  🙂

7. I work 7 days a week, including catering as well as working three farmers markets in the Sacramento area. I am one passionate chef.



Athina is an amazing friend who I met through WordPress and she now is an admin for my group called Foodify. She has a pretty sweet blog over at KickingBackThePebbles and I feel that she deserves this nomination.


Panayiotis owner of CyTasty is another good friend of mine who also is an admin at Foodify. He blogs about Cypriot food, and near by restaurants in the London area. Please say hi to him over at CyTasty.


Elaine is such a great friend as well, and she has worked very hard on her blog and it shows too. Her recipes are very healthy and easy to make. Please check it out over at Foodbod.


Nidhi owner of PlatterJoy is an amazing friend, and she has a heart of gold. Her unique recipes have been shared around the world, and you must check them out. If you enjoy Indian food, you will enjoy her blog.


Gina, I am super proud of you for coming this far with your blog, and in such a short amount of time. You are very dedicated to your blog, and keeping up with the recipes. Gina is part of the admin crew in Foodify, and she has done such an amazing job at FoodieWineLover.

@LD Juarez

Diana is a close friend to me and she doesn’t live too far from me either. Diana has worked hard to get her blog up and running and she has done a fantastic job. Please check her out >>> LD Juarez


Christine is a part of our group Foodify, and I can’t express how dedicated and wonderful she is with her recipes. Please make sure you check out her fantastic food blog soon at ChristineIt.


Eleni is the creator of My Easy Gourmet and also and admin over at Foodify. She has some very delicious recipes that are Greek inspired. Not only are her recipes fantastic, her photography is key too!


My dear friend Ekaterina came up with this brilliant idea to bring some of the most artistic Greeks together and she named it The Greek Wives Club. If you haven’t checked out this really unique site, you must. Ekaterina thank you for your constant support friend. Check out TheGreekWivesClub.

Thank you to Yvonne once again for this award, and I can’t wait to see all of my nominees that I mentioned above, do a Versatile Award Post.




    • You are very welcome friend. Yes he sure is getting big. He is almost getting to the 90 pound weight. I remember when he was a little guy, and then all the sudden bam he is huge. 🙂

  1. Congratulations!! And THANK YOU for nominating me along with those other fabulous bloggers! I am humbled and appreciative! You are inspiring me all the time. I wish you MUCH success and recognition! So happy to be blessed with your friendship! <3

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