DIY Mise En Place Pantry Cleaning

Yes it’s that time again where I had to sort out my pantry and get the cleaning magic gloves on. On today’s post I am going to show you how to keep your pantry clean and organized using mason jars! Very simple and easy way to organize your kitchen. You just need a little bit of time and super powers. Lol okay you don’t need super powers, but wouldn’t it be cool if we had super powers ha?! I guess the avengers movie is still on my mind while writing this post. 😆.

Let’s get to the cleaning shall we?!

D.I.Y. Mise En Place Pantry Cleaning By Kouzounas Kitchen

D.I.Y. Mise En Place Pantry Cleaning


  • A dozen mason jars
    1 sheet of white labels
    1 permanent marker

For those who have no idea what French I am speaking here is the definition of Mise En Place: Everything in one place. Chefs like myself like to use this term when we are prepping in the kitchen.

Does your kitchen ever get to the point where you have baking ingredients along with spices and seasonings that don’t belong together?! Well this happens to me every once in a while when I am jammed with catering orders or simply prepping for my farmers markets. I personally like to have my pantry organized with spices in 1 shelf, baking ingredients in another shelf and so on. I do not like going through three cabinets to find vanilla beans. To get yourself organized all you need is mason jars. If you have any lying around the house simply run them through the dishwasher first then have them ready to go.

Step 1: Grab your ingredients that you will transfer to mason jars, and fill each jar with ingredients. (Example: cocoa powder.)

Step 2: Next prepare your label. I like to write the name of the ingredient on the front and I will put the type of the brand on the back. So I use two labels.

Step 3: Organize the mason jars according to your pantry.

Step 4: Make sure each mason jar lid is sealed on tight.

Step 5: Don’t forget to label the jars with dates. (If needed)

Step 6: If you don’t use your mason jars for ingredients have fun with them in other various ways. You can use them as a drinking glass, flower vase. Soaking nuts or seeds, oh and my favorite one, sprouting seeds.

I hope this post comes in handy for you! Share the love of mason jars.
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  1. My teenage daughter took your advice and now my pantry looks sparkly and neat. I will need to go get more canning jars to actually use for canning but I love the way the pantry looks. We will have to stop by the farmers market this summer when we go to Citrus Heights to visit my Mom. I am from the area but now live in lovely Colorado.

    • Hi Chef Connie,
      What a lovely msg to hear! Thank you very much to your daughter for checking out my post, and trying the jars. I am soo happy to hear that it worked out. I would love for you guys to visit the market. When will you be out this way? Thanks soo much for the msg. 🙂

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