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 I was lucky enough to be able to interview a dear friend and one of my top admins in the Foodify group. I asked each food blogger to answer some questions about their blogs and their passions. Please give a warm welcome to Panayiotis, who blogs all the way from the UK.

So, I began my first Blog/Website in May 2014, when my daughter, Georgina, suggested I combined my enthusiasm for cooking, with my skills for writing Articles, which I discovered I had, during my time in Advertising Sales, for Local Media. My first site was called “Subjectspot” which was intended to be a more broad spectrum of Articles. But in December of 2014, I decided to hone in on my love for writing about my Birthplace, Cyprus. Be it Food Recipes, it’s Historic Wines, Produce or Travel to there, I just can’t write enough about the beautiful Island of Cyprus, which is also reputed to be the Birthplace of no less a Deity than the Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite!

So came into existence “CYTasty”, which is my current website. The name can be interpreted in two ways, “See Why it’s Tasty” or “Cyprus Tasty” with the play in the lettering of the name of the new Website.
 Favourite Cuisine…Hmmmm…this is very hard as I do luv my food and like many cuisines! How to choose?
OK, if I had a gun put to my head and made to choose one, it would have to be the Greek cuisine. It’s so varied, tasty and overall Healthy. It includes veg, salads, many forms & methods of cooking, lot’s of Fish & Seafood and of course, my favourite, Souvlaki! (Second is Italian, then Chinese and then Lebanese then Spanish, ok, I’ll stop here !Lol ).
 My Favourite Recipe that I have come up with thus far is
“Salmon Fillets and Fresh Fig Herb Bake”, as I do luv Salmon Fillets. In my view it’s simple, but effective, with a great fusion of flavours.
Second favourite recipe:
“Halloumi and Vegetable Souvlaki Delight”.

Featured in the photo is Mr Galanis himself showing us his famous souvlakia. He is rocking the Greek Wives Club Apron in the photo.

Two Favourite Chefs:
This is very hard for me, as I know many Chefs and am being followed on Twitter by a fair few famous ones. Nigella Lawson, Keith Floyd when he was still around and Jamie Oliver come straight to mind. Amy Riollo, with her knowledge of many cuisines, Ancient foods & origins of recipes, of course her lovely Books and Videos too.
If I had to name my two favourite Chefs though, it would be Chef Aldo Zilli and Chef Tonia Buxton.
Chef Aldo Zilli I admire very much as he came from a very humble background, has reached the Top of his Trade by being referred to as “The Godfather of Italian Cooking”, yet he is very down to earth and cooks my kind of food.
Chef Tonia Buxton’s Books and Videos are amazing and she does Greek Food, as well as Greek Cypriot food, very, very well! She’s also a very nice person and like Aldo, follows me & talks to me on twitter. Tonia does my favourite Cuisine, Greek, best, so is definitely one of my favourite two chefs.
 Where do you currently reside?
I was born on the Island of Cyprus, but since 1972 I have lived in London, UK.
Thank you very much to CyTasty for letting us feature you! Well done on your blog, and we wish you the very best with your upcoming recipes.
Please visit CyTasty here for more great recipes. >>>

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