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We finally had the chance to share a online store with you!! We make 100 % organic spices and teas fresh from our garden. Our teas range anywhere from green and black tea. A few favorites are mango, peach,matcha green,  lavender earl grey, and spiced licorice.

As a child I grew up with a garden and watching my parents use organic and fresh spices in the kitchen. I wanted to share the love of fresh tasty food with Kouzounas Kitchen’s spices. After receiving many questions on where to purchase our organic spices & teas, it was time to make a store front!!

Let us know what you think of our online Square store, and I hope you enjoy. Photos are coming for those who are interested in what our products look like.

Please keep in mind that our products are between 3-4 oz depending on the tea/ spice. Each loose tea is very strong and you only need 1 1sp to brew two cups of tea. As for our spices, 1 pinch goes a long way!  Don’t forget to ask for a free recipe to go with your spices!! 🙂 

To view our store click on the “order online” and you can view our products.

For our Kouzounas Kitchen grand opening, I would like to offer each of you a discount code for $5.00 off your purchase. Please use code: KOUZOUNASKITCHENGRANDOPE . (Offer valid now until January 30 2016. 


Order Online

If you have any questions please email us at kouzounaslive@gmail.com.





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    Check out our NEW online store where we share our fabulous organic spices & teas. For all your cooking needs, we have a lovely range of spices.

    Don’t forget to use coupon code : KOUZOUNASKITCHENGRANDOPE to receive $5.00 off your purchase!!

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