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Back To My Roots Is Heading Around The Globe


Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mothers out there!!! Especially to my mama!! Wishing you all a beautiful time with your family and friends.

You might be wondering what the heck happened to me after Greek Easter? Ah yes, I disappeared for a few days. Lots of exciting new things are happening, and of course I want to share with you. From interviews, catering, hair clients, and my next new project… I have been super duper BUSY. Yes, I said next new project. One word comes to mind for my next project. “OLIVES”

I guess you will have to wait for the next post to find out more about my next exciting new project. 🙂



You might have noticed Back To My Roots cookbook showing up on a few amazing Greek blogger sites, as well as some major online newspapers. This past week, we were asked to be interviewed on popular Greek blogs, and 1 podcast show! Yes, I have been a busy chef these days, but I won’t leave you guys. (You are stuck with me forever ha!)

I have to thank all the amazing people who have asked Kouzounas Kitchen to be a part of their blog/ podcast. Lots of work and time goes into these interviews, so a huge THANK YOU!!

Let’s Get To The Interviews

Photo credit: Ellen Karis

Ellen Karis is an amazing Greek talented comedian from New York, and I just found out that she is also a Maniatissa. (Her father’s family is from Mani.) She asked me to be on her new podcast #EllenKarisComedyCorner over on BBOXradio. There we had a 1 hour chat, which I might say was hilarious, and you can listen to the replay here. >> Get to know me, Kouzounas Kitchen, and my first self published cookbook Back To My Roots. Please check out the wonderful Ellen Karis on her blog right here. >> Uh oh, you guys are going to hear my voice, and please please, I hope you share your comments with me below.

Listen Here

Ellen Karis Website 

Thank you very much Ellen for having me last minute on your podcast, and I do hope we can cook together one day soon in NYC. Thank you to my friend Dean from Bay Walk Marketing for introducing us.

Greek Food Bloggers

Yummy Mommy Food Blog

Thank you very much to my new friend and wonderful blogger Maria Theocharidou who is the proud owner of food blog Yummy Mommy. Maria blogs in English and Greek, and she has some wonderful Greek recipes that you must try. I met her through WordPress and other social media sites, and we hit it off right away. She just started blogging a few months ago, and really enjoys the blogging world. She asked me some AMAZING qs on the guest interview, and you can read that here. >>

Kouzounas Kitchen Guest Interview On Yummy Mommy  

Don’t forget to check out the recipes I shared from Back To My Roots cookbook over at Yummy Mommy. 🙂

Huge thank you Maria for having me on your blog!!



Eat Yourself Greek Food Blog

Photo credit: Eugenia Makrogianneli

Thank you very much to the lovely Eugenia, from Athens Greece. If you missed our wonderful interview on Kouzounas Kitchen you can check out the link below.  Eugenia has a passion for photography, and recipes. She is extremely talented, and such a  passionate food blogger.

Kouzounas Kitchen Guest Interview On Eat Yourself Greek.

I had the chance to interview Eugenia too, and that post will be coming soon right here. Thank you Eugenia for taking the time to have me on your blog! It has been a blast.



The Healthy Cook Food Blog 

Photo Credit: Evi Skoura

Meet my friend Evi Skoura, who is the name behind The Healthy Cook blog. I started following her quite sometime ago via Instagram. I was facinated with her photos, so I then followed her food blog. You might recognize Evi from a few posts back on Kouzounas Kitchen. I interviewed her, and we had a lovely recipe from Evi. Check it out here>> Meet The Healthy Cook Food Blogger. 

Please check out the fun interview Evi did on me, as well as the delicious spinach and feta crepe recipe that I included from my cookbook.

Kouzounas Kitchen Guest Interview On The Healthy Cook. 



Windy City Greek 

Photo Credit: Maria Karamitsos

Lastly I would love to introduce a new favorite website of mine! Windy City Greek, owned by the lovely Maria Karamitsos. She is the brain behind Windy City Greek and she started this website to share all things Greek with everyone around the world. Maria asked me to do be a guest on WCG and of course I accepted. 🙂 You can read the interview below.

Thank you very much Maria for inviting me on Windy City Greek.

Kouzounas Kitchen Guest Interview On Windy City Greek.



Kicking Back The Pebbles

I saved the best for last!! If you guys don’t already know her by now, you must meet her!! Athina Pantazatou, the brain behind Kicking Back The Pebbles blog. She is extremely talented, the editor of Back To My Roots cookbook, and an amazing friend. Athina contributed a lovely amount of recipes to BTMR cookbook. You can view one of her amazing recipes at the link below. Athina blogs in Greek & English and just recently did a fabulous makeover on her new self hosted site.

Baked Anchovies By Kicking Back The Pebbles Blog

***You don’t want to miss her new Lemon chiffon cake recipe coming this week. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to her blog, as you will want to stay up to date with her posts.

Thank you my dear friend for all that you do, and you’re a huge inspiration to me! (I never told Athina this, so I hope she reads this post lol.)



This has been a blast sharing my passion and love for cooking and for my new cookbook Back To My Roots. I hope you do take a moment to check out each of these talented Greek sites.




Photo Credit: Neos Kosmos

Neos Kosmos, a Greek Australian online newspaper will be sharing an article on ME! Stay tuned in to Kouzounas Kitchen for that. The link to the article is right here. >> Cooking Back To Her Roots

Neos Kosmos




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