Vanini Italian Chocolate Review

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Vanini, an exquisite chocolate company based out of Italy. Vanini has an interesting line of chocolate bars, ranging from dark 86 % chocolate all the way to 49 % milk chocolate.

Vanini History~

Vanini embodies Italian premium chocolate produced with signature cocoa beans which are grown in carefully selected plantations. Since 1946 Vanini chocolate has embodied the eternal passion of the Agostoni-Vanini family, virtuosos of a genuine Italian-crafted chocolate culture.

Vanini Chocolate Bars~

Explore 6 unique chocolate bars. I had the chance to try 3 of their unique Vanini bars. See below for description and flavors. (Click on the photo for further description.)


  • Dark chocolate 86 % cocoa 
  • Dark chocolate 74 % cocoa with cocoa nibs 
  • Dark chocolate 62 % cocoa with lemon and pink pepper
  • Dark chocolate 62 % cocoa with pear and cinnamon. 
  • Dark chocolate 62 % cocoa with rosemary.
  • Milk chocolate with Sicilian sea salt.


Kouzounas Kitchen Review~

Vanini sent me 3 delicious chocolate bars. My reviews are based solely on my own thoughts and taste buds. Let’s get our chocolate on!!


Dark Chocolate 86 % cocoa 

Ingredients: Chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa, sugar, and vanilla extract. May contain traces of treenuts and milk. Bittersweet chocolate contains: 86 % cocoa content.

Very smooth chocolate, that melts in your mouth. I love the intensity of the dark chocolate. Stay tuned in for a delicious chocolate lava cake recipe using Vanini dark chocolate. 


Dark Chocolate 74 % cocoa with cocoa nibs

Ingredients: Bittersweet chocolate, chocolate liqueur, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa, soy lecithin, vanilla extract, and cocoa nibs. May contain traces of treenuts and milk. Bittersweet chocolate contains 74 % cocoa content.

I love the texture that the cocoa nibs add to this chocolate bar. Not too sweet, and pairs really great with coffee. 


Dark Chocolate 62 % cocoa with rosemary

Ingredients: Bittersweet chocolate, chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract, sugar, and rosemary. May contain traces of treenuts and milk. Bittersweet chocolate contains 62 % cocoa content.

 My ABSOLUTE favorite out of the three chocolate bars. First off, if you are a foodie this chocolate is for you! Rosemary and chocolate are the perfect match, so I was excited to see this. Second, this chocolate bar will last you a while. You only need small amounts, as each bite is packed with a wonderful aroma of rosemary and dark chocolate. The perfect gift for any chocolate lover. 


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Happy chocolate shopping. If you have tried Vanini, we would love to hear your thoughts.



Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for these fantastic photos. (All photos credited to Kouzounas Kitchen & Vanini.) Please do not re use these photos unless otherwise stated.   Kouzounas Kitchen 2017 





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