Planete Chocolat Review

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If you are a chocolate lover like myself, then this post is for you!

Welcome  Planete Chocolat


I was lucky enough to try out some of the finest chocolate from a world renowned company Planete Chocolat.

Planete Chocolat History

Planète Chocolat is a Belgian artisan chocolatier located in the heart of Brussels close to the famous Manneken-Pis and the Grand-Place. If you happen to visit Belgium anytime soon, don’t forget to stop by Planete Chocolat.
The chocolate has been made in the traditional style since 1991 by a team of chocolate lovers playing with their creativity to fuse the great taste of Belgian chocolate into new forms.

Planète Chocolat’s ambition is to preserve the role of art in food, an art form which is ephemeral but continually being reproduced. The medium itself, chocolate, enjoys an image which is both prestigious and Belgian. We felt this should also be true of the shape. So we decided to get Belgian artists to design our chocolates, artists representing very diverse artistic trends.

Why Planete Chocolat?

I have tried many chocolates from around the world. I’m not a chocolatier but my palette can differentiate a superior chocolate from the rest. I learned quite a bit from pastry school about chocolate making from the history of the cacao bean to the final art of a chocolate bar.
What I learned from Planete is their sincere passion for fine chocolates including their creative packaging, distinctive flavors, and the rich taste.

First off their packaging is truly unique.  When I receive my package, the first thing I noticed was the packaging and how beautifully presented the chocolates were. (I really didn’t want to eat any chocolates because of this.) But, once my family noticed Planete they said, MUST TRY.
I received a birthday box, because we were celebrating my mother’s birthday, and I planned to have Planete send me a gift for my mom. Zoe, the marketing sales agent for Planete is very sweet, and she made sure to customize my package exactly how I wanted it. I even received a cute Planete bag, and a lovely greeting card.



My parents are chocolate lovers, and once they tried Planete they said this is the chocolate we remember from Beligum. My aunt is from Belgium, so my parents have visited a few times. One thing they miss is the Belgium chocolate, so Planete chocolate was gone in less than a hour in my house.

The birthday box we received was very colorful, and the perfect gift. With one layer of  exquisite Belgium chocolates, some that had very distinctive designs. I can’t say we have a favorite, but I really enjoyed all the unique flavors. Some of the flavors that stood out to me are; honey praline, coconut praline, coffee praline, and cinnamon ganache. (I had to steal the cinnamon ganache before anyone else took it.)  So if you are looking for the perfect birthday gift, or even a gift for a chocolate lover Planete Chocolat is for you.



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Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for taking these beautiful photos. All rights reserved to Kouzounas Kitchen & NestorZ Photography. Thank you to Planete Chocolat for sending us this delicious birthday box. 


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