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Featured New Year’s Eve Post~ Home Chef Kreso


Happy New Year’s Eve to all! I am excited to introduce a delightful home chef who has such a huge passion for cooking!!  I love introducing new foodies on Kouzounas Kitchen, so please give a warm welcome to my friend Kreso from Croatia. Kreso blogs at the wonderful Kreso Recipes where you can find an array of delicious foods.

Who was your inspiration to start your food blog? 

   I’m a 23 yo just-graduated student from Zagreb, Croatia. My inspiration in everything that is cooking related is my grandma. I always remember coming to her house when I was a kid and I could see here pulling the dough over her table, shaping plum-filled dumplings with her hands or decorating a cake. I always wanted to impress here with my cooking, with the way I decorate and pay attention to the details, and even though most of the techniques I learned I did on my own, I wish that I cook as much as she did when I get in her age. Today, as much as my grandma is, I am also my own inspiration and every day I try to cook something new and learn something new.


Are you a professional chef or a home chef? 

    A home chef, that’s what I am. I actually graduated and have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering, but what I always loved more is cooking, there’s just something that isn’t mechanical and you got to have a sense of what you’re doing, how to pair flavors to get something that works, that you’re guests, friends or family members will enjoy. I hope to get a chance to professionally train to be a cook one day, but for now I enjoy cooking for people around me and love writing my blog.

What cuisine do you specialize in?

      I specialize mostly in Continental Croatian cuisine but I like trying everything, cooking new delicious dishes and desserts from all over the world and making my own versions of them.


What is your one TOP favorite recipe for the New Year? 

   My TOP favorite New Year’s recipe is Carrot cake, because is there a better way to spend your New Year’s than sipping champagne while enjoying a slice of a delicious cake.


You guys MUST try this recipe! I guarantee you will ring in the New Year with this delicious treat. 

Recipe Here



Who is your favorite chef in the world? Why?

   My favorite chef in the world is Gordon Ramsay, he may be harsh and sometimes rude, but he tells you how it is, and if you listen, set your ego aside then maybe you’ll learn something.

 If you could be one dessert what would you be and why?

      If I could be a dessert, I would be… this is a tough one… I’d probably be a slice of cheesecake. There’s no better answer why, than the fact that it is my favorite cake and each version of it, that I’ve tried, was even better than the last one.


Any tips for the home cooks out there? 

    My 5 tips would be:

·          “Do what you love and cook with your heart. Keep attention to the details because they are what stands out in a dish. You can stick to the recipe but give the dish a chance to shine.”

·         Don’t be afraid to try something new and interesting. You should prepare a new recipe you’ve never made before at least once a week.

·         It’s all about keeping it fresh and getting the best out of food that you eat, so cook with fresh ingredients, mostly fruit and vegetables each day because that’s where the flavors are.

·         Don’t throw away leftovers but try incorporating them in a new dish; it will give you a chance to really think about the food that you are preparing and the ingredients you’re cooking with.

·         When baking cakes and desserts always measure ingredients, you can’t rush science.


What is your all time favorite quote?

    Favorite quote – No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing. – Julia Child 

One of my favorite quotes of all time!

There you have it folks, a passionate home chef with the ambition to bring amazing food recipes to share with the world.

We hope you all have a joyous and healthy New Year!! Thank you to Kreso for sharing his talent on the blog today. Be sure to try his superb carrot cake recipe.

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