Amorgos Tour~ Health & Wellness Retreat

Hello beautiful friends! I am super excited to have a friend join us today all the way from the UK.

Please welcome Yan Sophokleous, a multi-talented Cypriot Greek who has the passion for massage, holistic training, and martial arts.

On today’s post we will talk about Yan’s beautiful health and wellness tour that will take place in one of the most amazing Greek Clycladic Islands; Amorgos.



Q & A 

*This video is by Aegialis Hotel & Spa located in Amorgos.

Health & Wellness Retreat 1st – 6th SEPTEMBER 2018

What does the tour include:

6 Days / 5 Nights –  Health & Wellness Retreat, Amorgos Island, Greece

Saturday 1st – Wednesday 6th September 2018,

£950 pp shared room / £1,250 pp single room

Treat yourself to a true Health & Wellness Retreat on the magical Greek Island of Amorgos…….The ideal time to visit!

Life – Can be So busy, pressured, stressful and intense. Take this time away from home, A perfect opportunity to take care of yourself, replenish, rejuvenate, revitalize, relax and to have time to just be. Take the time to honor your body, mind, and soul……..Re-Design yourself!

This retreat will be hosted at the Five Star Aegialis Hotel & Spa. To book please contact Yan Sophokleous.  For more information on this exciting tour head on over to the official website here. >> Amorgos Retreat 

Aegialis-Hotel-Spa-PoolAegialis Hotel (60)





How did you come up with the “Amorgos Retreat?”

The idea of holding my Health & Wellness retreat on Amorgos came about when I was contacted by the owner of the Aegialis Hotel & Spa – Irene Giannakopoulos………Irene was simply intrigued with my approach to life! To have a retreat on a Greek Island known as “The Jewel of the Cyclades” is the kind of place I like to visit and spend time on. Indulging in all of the beauty that Greece has to offer whilst experiencing the unique blend of her Islands – Is like meeting her children and understanding the individual characters of her family!


How did your passion for massage therapy start? Any inspirations?

The focus of the retreat is to explore and enjoy the natural ways of living, in our forever changing modern world. From eating organic fresh food to training the mind and body, this approach will enrich your life, keep you feeling positive, whilst helping you to stay grounded. On your stay, you can take tours to explore the Island, bask in the sun on the beach, swim in the breathtakingly beautiful South Aegean sea and taste Amorgian cuisine too! Simply escaping the hustle and bustle and recharging your whole being will work wonders for all!


How did your passion for massage therapy start? Any inspirations?

My passion for massage started at a very young age. My earliest memories, I remember giving massages for my father and Grandfather, after they had worked in the garden, I was around 4 or 5 years of age. I used to carry a large roll of band-aid/Elastoplast in my pocket, just in case someone needed help. I always felt that I could help people and take away their pain. It does give me great satisfaction when I massage someone. Bodywork/Massage Therapy, as in many of the old cultures, the Greeks being one of them, has always been a part of self and family care. Still to this day, family members will come to me for a treatment, even whilst we’re relaxing, they will say something or give me a look to help them. It is a part of who I am and what I do………It’s life and I love it!


Where are you from? Where do you currently reside? 

I was born in North London, which is where I live today. I enjoy living in a part of the world that is so multicultural!

However, I am Greek and Greek-Cypriot and very proud of it! My ways are very Greek, unmistakable! My father’s line comes from Limassol in Cyprus, whilst my connection to Greece come from my last living Grandparent on my mother’s side, My Yiayia, who was born in Kavala, Northern Greece. One of my uncles has been researching our family tree. So far, our Greek family comes from Athens, Crete, Rhodes, and Thessaloniki too.


In your spare time, what do you do for fun?

In my spare time, I like to chill out with friends and family. I like to read and enjoy training too. I also like to catch a movie at the cinema, watch football and check out various restaurants too! I also like to have some alone time, indoors or outdoors and at any time of the day, I do like some quiet time. I feel it is good to keep as balanced as possible, nothing forced, I just listen to what my mind and body needs!


Speaking of mind, body, and soul. What do you think massage does for these 3 things? 

Bodywork/Massage therapy – It really is a wonderful tool to help everyone on a physical and emotional level too! The Bodywork/Massage treatments I offer help to release the tension that is stored in the body and mind. The receiver will always feel this deep release, which comes in many different forms. It helps them to connect/re-connect and become happy, balanced, calm and content, which is your most natural state of being.


You are not only a masseuse but also a personal trainer, and martial arts instructor?

From a very young age, I always knew what I would be doing for a living along with knowing how I want to live my life. I chose to become a Bodywork/Massage therapist, a Personal Trainer, and a Martial Arts/Self-Defence Instructor. Having many years of experience in all three areas has given me a unique insight into the mind/body/soul connection. The way they interlink and seamlessly weave together is amazing. My delivery and approach to all three are bespoke to what the person needs at the moment, completely bespoke!


What is your favorite quote?

Haha, my favorite quote! There are so many to choose from. I will give you one of my own that I live by, my personal message to all.…. “Be yourself, Be the best of yourself”!

 Connect with Yan on his official website, and don’t forget to BOOK your trip to Amorgos this September. 🙂

Book Now 

Official Website



Aegialis Hotel (61)

*All photo credits to Aegialis Hotel & Spa and Yan S. 

 -Thank you to my friend Yan for taking some time out to join us on Kouzounas Kitchen blog. Stay tuned in next for a delicious vegetarian eggplant dip recipe.

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