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Happy Friday friends!! I am super excited to sponsor my dear friend Lizzie’s blog~ Swimming with Hope. If you are a fan of the Greek islands, then you MUST follow her blog. Not only does Lizzie have great Naxos travel content, but she created a Naxos guide for all your travel needs when you visit the island.


Your insider guide to Naxos, Greece.

In Guide One we chat about swimming in the colder months and discover my favorite spots on the Island for a winter dip.  See more here >> Swimming with Hope




 Do you guys remember I had two wonderful guests on my Instagram a few weeks back? Well one of them was my friend Lizzie! She did a fantastic job on my Instagram, in fact, we all miss her. Please take a look at her wonderful blog, and share the love for Naxos.
From bougatsa, to strifti tiropita, I think Lizzie enjoyed all my Greek recipes. 🙂

Cooking with Kouzounas Kitchen


Reposted from Swimming with Hope blog.

One of the things I really wanted to do when I moved to Naxos was to spend more time in the kitchen learning to cook. I’d dabbled before, with the odd weekend experiment, but had fallen into a rut of a quick fix and joyless meals. Cooking was another thing to rush through and tick off the list.

When we first arrived, I would walk through our village in the morning soaking up the beautiful aromas wafting through kitchen windows. I would imagine myself being taught the traditional secrets to food, and life, by one of the village matriarchs.

Being quite an introverted person, and only having very basic Greek language skills, I haven’t quite plucked up the courage to ask one of the village ladies for cooking lessons. But I think the universe, and Instagram, was listening and conspired to introduce me to Krystina of Kouzouna’s Kitchen.

Krystina is a Californian-based Chef whose family originates from Mani. She takes inspiration from her Yiayia and shares her traditional Greek recipes on her blog and Instagram.  And so, Kouzouna’s Kitchen became my first teacher.

I started out slow by learning how to make proper Greek coffee. It took a few attempts, but I mastered the art of Ellinikos Kafes.  Building up confidence I moved onto food recipes. I tried Tiropita Strifti, Fakes, Baked Shrimp & Feta and my most challenging (and perhaps yummiest) challenge – Bougatsa.

I shared my learning experience on Krystina’s Instagram and received such kindness and encouragement from this wonderful community. I will keep learning, both the cooking and the language. After all, I still need to learn the secrets of life!


There you have it guys! Please check out Lizzie’s blog as well as my friend Darren who blogs at Nostos Life. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have these friends by my side, although they are far I absolutely love them. See you guys soon!!

Nostos Life 


Swimming With Hope


Photo Credit: Lizzie & Darren (Swimming With Hope & Nostos Life 2018)


Have a beautiful weekend!!! Love~ Kouzounas Kitchen


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