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Vyzantion Bakery Feature

Traditional feta pie by Vyzantion bakery!

Ever since I was a little baby, I remember traveling to Greece with my parents visiting my family in Greece. One highlight I always remember is yiayia taking us to the zaharoplastio (bakery) in Athens and grabbing one of my favorite sweets. In Athens, you have practically a bakery on every corner, so it is hard not to follow the beautiful sweet aromas in the air.

I don’t know exactly how many bakeries are in Athens, but I want to say thousands and many of these bakeries are family owned, which I love.  Family owned bakeries are the BEST because you see the love shine through in every pastry they make by hand. My friends own Vyzantion bakery in the heart of Athens central. Coming from a pastry chef background, you better believe I am picky when it comes to Greek pastries! Some of my absolute favorites are; baklava, bougatsa, karidopita, koulourakia, and tsoureki. I can probably list 30 Greek pastries that my heart needs now but don’t get me started. It is my pleasure to introduce a family owned bakery that has been around since the early ’60s in Athens, Greece. Please welcome Vyzantion Bakery located in Athens.

History of Vyzantion Bakery

The story begins with Mr. Panagiotis Tsallis who is a very passionate baker from a popular region of Greece called Epirus. Tsallis’s brothers who opened a bakery in Mavilli Square had much training in the baking and pastry field. Panagiotis then decided to fulfill his dream to open his own bakery which first started in Kolonaki at Dexamenis Square.  A few years later, he opened Byzantion Bakery in Agiou Meletiou, in the ’60s  middle-class district of Kipseli.  He had a huge following of customers who appreciated his passion and love he put into his pastries. Many people heard of Vyzantium in Athens after the hard work Panagiotis put into his bakery.

Vyzantion has now been passed down to Kostandinos Tsallis who represents the second generation of bakers in the Tsallis family. Kostandinos is the proud owner of Vyzantion which is located in Athens only 10 minutes from Syntagma center.

Although Greece has been struggling with an economic crisis, that doesn’t prevent the Tsallis bakers from using fresh and unique ingredients in their delicious pastries. In fact, Vyzantion insists on “quality” made goods using local ingredients from their neighborhood.

Vyzantion bakers have been using the same unique recipes for 60 years!

I spoke to Kostandinos of Vyzantion bakery, and he told me that her bakers all share a very similar passion and love for baking. “Our team strives for the best, and we want to keep our uniqueness by offering the FRESHEST baked goods in Athens.”

Many popular goods of Vyzantion include melomakarona, tsoureki, koulouri tis Thessalonikis, apple and cherry tarts, and many more that will satisfy any pallet. You can not walk into Vyzantion without trying their famous tsoureki which is made from aromas of mastixa, mahlepi, and many other amazing ingredients. 

One of Vyzantion’s BEST sellers! This is tsoureki a traditional Greek braided bread that is popular during Easter in Greece. 
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Vyzantion’s March Tsoureki Special!

Just for our Kouzounas Kitchen readers and those who follow Vyzantion on Instagram or Facebook, check out this special offer!

Visit Vyzantion in the month of March and check in to their “Facebook or Instagram” page and receive 30 % OFF any tsoureki purchase! (If you do not have Facebook or Instagram simply mention this offer to any Vyzantion employee to receive the discount.)

Vyzantion bakery would like to thank their team for all their hard work and drive. They wanted to feature 2 all-star employees of their bakery. Thank you to Marianna and Mirella for your hard work and dedication in keeping Vyzantion bakery one of the best in Athens. 

**Many thanks to our photographer team Kostakis Stavros and Ioanna Tsalli for your brilliant work!

Shop & Connect Vyzantion Bakery 

Location: Agiou Meletiou 67, Athina 112 51, Greece

Contact:  +30 21 0864 0969

Hours of Vyzantion Bakery:

Monday- Friday : 6:45 AM – 9:00 PM

Saturday: 6:45 AM – 4:30 PM

Sunday: 7:45 AM – 3:30 PM

Connect with Vyzantion on social media!

Website (Website will be up soon.)



Thank you very much to Vyzantion bakery for connecting with us on Kouzounas  Kitchen!

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