Lockdown Lavender Wine Jelly Recipe

Hello beautiful friends!! On today’s post, I am sharing something different with yall.

My beautiful friend from Cyprus who happens to be the face behind The Wine Scribble blog and Youtube channel is cooking with Kouzounas Kitchen today. I spoke with Despina Telemachou about how to stay positive during this quarantine lockdown and told her to start cooking to feel better! She did, and she is smiling and enjoying her delicious lavender orange wine jelly.


If you guys have been hanging around my food blog for years, you probably have seen this simple yet delicious recipe that Despina is cooking! You can find it here .  

Follow along with my friend Despina as she shows you guys how to make lavender orange wine jelly recipe. Btw her voice is very calming, so do check it out and show her some LOVE on her website and Youtube channel, please. Many thanks to you dear friend, and I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.



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Thanks for connecting on Kouzounas Kitchen today! Many thanks to The Wine Scribble for the beautiful video and for all the love.



  1. I hope you have this time of crisis without being next to rating, from corona and co . everything is ok with you, with us sun shines again every day !!! good evening.!!!((*L*))

      • Thank you very much!! I’m really in good health,
        I am sad, my older sister, died recently. from 45000 km distance, I am powerless because I could not help. because my family have been hiding. her dead, I have no farewell.
        so there is life none of us can give a guarantee of living and death, she was very well known star in Egyptian media world. (Journalist/TV)
        she was a colleague, great mom, and much more,
        which is why my before last come with you, was well meant to have a great mom, is a happiness for her child, and of course whole family.
        many love thanks. stay healthy. !!Lots of hugs to you.! (((°J°)

      • Oh no I am so sorry about your older sis. Many prayers and thoughts to you too. That is really sad… I wish I can give you a big hug.

        That makes me really sad. I wish I can do something to help you feel better. Thinking of you dear and I will light a candle for your sister.

      • A rain of thank you beautiful, 1001 thanks for you, your words and prayers have arrived very well, that has pleased me, my words to you were also words of trust, My sis, she was courageous and helpful and brave woman and herself and her much stress for her job and public relations, took away she was always there who she called, to herself she has forgotten herself , but God’s sake also has a sense, away from her.
        my brother tells me he could not believe of many people were at him last rest hour, (burial)(but thousand, of honorwork, I was very happy because that is their true reward,
        but now you are not sad, I have told you this,
        if I couldn’t visit your page last time, please click. all dear, thank you, beautifulSunday you and their dear family, I always try to make people laugh, please not the opposite. !!! Thank you again for your compassion, and stay healthy.((((°J°))

      • Hi my dear! I hope your sister is at peace and sending you many good prayers and thoughts your way. Thank you for always being supportive. Many hugs and good health to you.

      • Hello my Dear I thank them/for the adorable words; / you 1001 thanks to all, my sis has continued her journey, and we make the best of it, tooth years ago, my siblings & (mother) we have admonished them about the uncertain, know no man, from us, take a break and switch off, but God help was always at her side, thank you very much
        and God bless you and her family, much further, with your intentions, with your blog everything looks good, thank you for your compassion, the words are incredibly honest, and not to thank me, I have you to thank. !!(*L*))))(((*J*)

      • Thanks to you very, Not to thank, there is an Egyptian proverb, very wise and said, do the good, and forget it, or throw in Nile river, so more and more few probes , if one yes, love God meets,
        there are a lot of people who are grateful, always get God’s help, it’s just a reason how or what, I have to thank them. (((*L*=))))

      • Thank you, dear love! I also love your beautiful msgs and thank you for being so positive. I can see your smile !! back to you..

        first I thank you extra XXX , so cordial, it is touching, and all your words have shown, often it is taking all with its come, also your quick compassion and help offers was proved that between human good, still present, in need we recognize how people, and inhuman funking difference, with your Mediteranian character trait, the paths of success always open , Much joy in your everyday days and all my dear I wish you, thank you, much greetings.

        could be like your souls and spirit, immediately help willingness to thank again for this, Always towards us are Mediterranean,

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