Freddo Cappuccino Recipe Video

Summer is loading! I can feel it as the weather is heating up quickly here in California so it is time for some delicious iced Greek coffee.

This video is created by the one and only Nestor Zaharopoulos! He is not only a great photographer but amazing at videos too. I hope you enjoy this simple yet tasty video. As we say in Greek, Καλό Μήνα which means happy month.


Freddo Capp (1)

Freddo Cappuccino Recipe


  • double shot espresso
  • milk of your choice
  • 5 ice cubes
  • ground cinnamon (optional)
  • metal martini shaker


  1. Prepare the espresso shots. If you are using the espresso beans, grind them. Otherwise use the prepared espresso coffee.
  2.  Foam the cold milk either with a shaker or with a frother. You want the foam to be thick and creamy so that it won’t dissolve immediately into the coffee layer.
  3. Once ready, pour the coffee in a glass filled with crushed ice and add cold milk on top. (You can add BAiley’s Irish Crea, for a fun and tasty twist.)


WATCH the freddo espresso video HERE!






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