Featured Post: Oitylo & East Mani, The Peloponnese

Today we are headed to my favorite area of Greece; Mani! My family is from Mani, more so, they are from two villages that are in the east part of Mani. Parasyros and Kotronas. Both villages are part of the Skoutari community and they are between 13-30 km away from Gytheio.

Fun fact:


In 1770 Parasyros sent men to contribute to the Maniot army in the Battle of Vromopigada. The Maniot army assembled in the mountains behind Parasyros called tria kefalia (Three Heads). In the battle that ensued the Maniot army defeated a much superior Ottoman army. It was part of the municipality Karyoupoli between 1845 and 1912, part of the community Skoutari between 1912 and 1997, and part of the municipality Gytheio between 1997 and 2010.[6] Parasyros was occupied by the Nazis in World War II. (Credit Wikipedia)



The town of Kotronas was founded in 1500 bc. It emerged to become a major port. Kotronas was named by Homer. Part of the Mycenaean navy that sent out to Troy was stationed there. When the Dorians took over Mani, Laconia and parts of Messenia, Kotronas’ role as a major port was replaced by Gytheio. In the Roman period, Teuthrone, the ancient name of Kotronas, was a member of the Koinon of Free Laconians. Kotronas suffered greatly from pirate raids. (Credit Wikipedia)

My dear friend Athina Pantazatou wrote a beautiful article about East Mani &  Oitylo and I wanted to share the love! Please enjoy the good read and do subscribe to Kicking Back The Pebbles for more!

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Thank you to my friend for the beautiful post! I hope you enjoy and if you have been to Mani, would love to hear all about your experiences!


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