3 Ingredient Honey Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Happy Friday!!

In today’s post, I am sharing a super easy and delicious 3 ingredient Greek frozen yogurt recipe. Super easy to whip up and such a tasty treat.

You only need 3 ingredients! Greek yogurt, honey, and a vanilla bean. This is such a healthier way of enjoying ice cream, and it is not too sweet!

Now, I suggest using an ice cream machine if handy; otherwise, you can make this without one. Get the kids involved in this fun “froyo” adventure! You can serve this frozen yogurt with any toppings but my ultimate favorites are:

  • Berries
  • Crushed Oreos
  • Nutella
  • Honey & Cinnamon
  • Toasted Walnuts & Honey

3 Ingredient Honey Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt Recipe


  • Fage Greek Yogurt (32 ounces) I managed to find a LACTOSE FREE yogurt which really saved me!
  • 1/4 cup of Greek Cretan thyme honey – SHOP NOW
  • 1 vanilla bean pod from Saffron Direct (reserve the seeds) – SHOP NOW


  1. Place a cheesecloth over a sieve and pour the yogurt inside. Remove any excess liquid in the yogurt.
  2. Whisk together the yogurt, honey, and vanilla bean. Pour mixture inside the ice cream machine. My machine runs for 1 hour or so but make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions.
  3. Once the ice cream has set, remove from the machine and transfer it to a sealed container. I like to place plastic wrap over the top and then seal the lid- that way the ice cream doesn’t stick to the top.


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