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Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe


Hello foodies!
For many years I am fascinated with homeopathic foods. I grew up appreciating all-natural foods and medicine, especially since my parents are lavender farmers. With that being said, I do enjoy natural ingredients such as pure lavender oil (which we produce ourselves) here in California. (Friends of the Earth Lavender.)

I believe taking care of our bodies the natural way is the BEST way to go.

A company from the UK reached out to me to gift me a fabulous gem, The Blessed Seed Oil. What is the ” The Blessed Seed Oil” you may ask? Black seed extract, which is also known as Nigella sativa oil, kalonji oil, or black cumin seed oil is recommended by different religions and ancient cultures. Black seed oil is known to many cultures as the “healing oil” to all diseases. Black seeds are a good source of calcium, potassium, iron, and sodium, as well as other vital minerals and amino acids. Black seed oil benefits are many! Some include;

This is just a few to name, but black seed oil is very beneficial for many medicinal uses! Visit the official website to learn more about the benefits here.
My father suffers from aches and pains in his back, and we have tested this black seed oil for a few weeks now. He has felt better, and we will continue to use the oil for a month to see the difference.

How do you use black seed oil? Dosage information found here.

How do you use black seed oil in foods? Dosage information found here.

Last night I created this delicious healthy raspberry vinaigrette dressing! It is so simple to whip up in a matter of minutes, and such a tasty dressing! I paired this dressing with a simple summer salad since we still have hot weather in California.

I hope you enjoy and make sure you order your own “black seed oil” from The Blessed Seed company.

Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe



  1. Place all the ingredients into the blender, and pulse until combined. Serve dressing over a salad of your choice. (Do keep in mind the black seed oil is quite potent, so only use 1 teaspoon in this recipe.)
  2. Store the extra dressing in a clear bottle. Chill up to 1 week.

Thank you to the Blessed Seed company for the gift! I hope you try out this all-natural oil to reap in the amazing benefits and properties it has to offer.

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