November Superfood Week

Hello foodies! I have something exciting to share today!

I created a fun event starting today (Monday) which includes 6 other amazing foodies from around the world. Read on to find out more about this exciting event.

Introducing November Superfood Week

-Healthy Recipes- Healthy Living- Healthy You-

This year has been really challenging for many of us. In saying that, I think it is extremely important that we stay on a healthy track and keep in mind what we eat. Many foods can trigger bad feelings, so it is better to try to be aware of what we are including in our daily diet. I decided to focus on seasonal superfood recipes. We will have two recipes uploaded each day of this week. Starting off this fun event is my friend Sophie from the Netherlands! Please give a warm welcome to Sophie, a blogger at Foodzesty.

Sophie is sharing two delicious Mediterranean recipes from her kitchen. The two superfood ingredients are; leeks & chickpeas. I love both, so I am definitely giving these recipes a try soon. I hope you enjoy and make sure to connect with Foodzesty for more delicious recipes.

Thank you so much to Sophie for kickstarting this fun November superfood week! I hope you give her recipes a try and let us know what you think.

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**Tomorrow we have two featured recipes by our friends Cook Like A Greek blog. Don’t miss it!!


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