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I am really excited to share a NEW exciting Greek company that just launched from Greece heading worldwide! Please welcome The Greek TreatBox. The owner Tomas from Larissa is a very nice soul. He has been in touch with me a few times via Instagram and emails back and forth. I am excited to share his beautiful Greek Treat box company with you!


The Greek TreatBox Company


What are The Greek Treat Boxes?

Founded in 2020, The Greek Treatbox aims to connect people all over 
the world with premium Greek products made by local producers.
  We strongly believe that the Greek products rank amongst the best in
the world. Our history as a company is short, as we have started a few
months ago. Yet, the history of the products we package and send in our
boxes is rich and goes back hundreds of years. Growing up, we were used to
these quality home-made products in our everyday life. However, we saw
that the world knows little about the true quality and standard of Greek
products and produce. We made it a goal to try to familiarize the world
with the true Hellenic way of living and hope to see them in every house
on the planet.
  We stand next to Hellenic small producers and we aim to give them the
ability to show their products to the entire world. The market is
over-saturated with products from major names in the production market,
therefore lacking the homemade spark our products contain. Our network
of producers is growing day by day. Every month we put many products
through a rigorous quality check and decide on only the most premium
ones. For that reason we have created our monthly subscription service,
containing two boxes. The first one is the Traditional box. Our box
contains 10 premium Greek quality products, all from small-time
producers across Greece. Additionally, every box has a secret gift from


Why Buy From The Greek TreatBox?

If you are someone like me who lives in the states, well then you are more than likely having a hard time finding Greek specialty foods. Yes of course some are available on Amazon, but I am always trying to find products directly from Greece so I can support the business. With that being said, I spoke to the owner of The Greek Treat Box and he told me that all these products come directly from Greece. It is a lovely concept to see this company work with various small Greek companies to bring a lovely package of goodies together in one. Not only do you receive the package fast, but you also get a variety of products! From candies to pasta, to coffee, it’s something unique that anyone who misses Greece will enjoy  I am sure. In fact, I am sending a package from Greece to Louisiana! So if you are looking for a special Greek gift, do give The Greek TreatBox a try. I imagine they will get busy for Christmas coming up, so make sure you get your orders in soon. 

Ps: Tomas gifted me the “Island Box” and guys it is so lovely to see NEW Greek products I wasn’t familiar with before. So, in a way this subscription box is introducing us to new up and coming brands, and what a great way to do that. 




Subscription Boxes

You have 3 options to choose from:







Purchase Your Own Box Here!


Watch a cool youtube unboxing video of the island subscription box here


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Giveaway Coming Tomorrow!! 

I am really happy to come together with The Greek TreatBox for a FUN giveaway coming tomorrow Friday until Sunday. Open worldwide!! Stay tuned in tomorrow to enter. 

**The giveaway will be hosted on my Instagram page.


**All photo credits to The Greek Treat Box & Thomas Sotiroulis. 


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