Greek Valentine’s Day Menu Event

Hello reader! We are gearing up for Valentine’s Day coming up which is in a few days. I decided to create a beautiful collaborative of 5 Greek menus with 4 friends from around the world.

I am grateful to the following friends: Sophie, Margie, Meredith, and Dena. You will see three menus including recipes that you can make for your loved one on Valentine’s Day! We hope you enjoy it. You will find that each menu includes an appetizer, entree, drink, and dessert.

**I included my fun potion #9 cocktail to the mix! The #9 represents our 9 year anniversary coming up on Valentine’s Day. Wow, can’t believe it is 9 years in the making! Where has the time gone by? If you are celebrating your anniversary on Valentine’s Day too, hold up a glass with us.



Greek Valentine’s Day Menu’s

Click on the individual images below and you can go directly to each Instagram account. 



Kouzounas Kitchen 


Meredith Santora

You can check our Valentine’s Pinterest board! 

We hope you enjoy this beautiful post!!


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