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A Taste of Greece – Virtual Cooking Class

Happy International Women’s Day!

I am a huge fan of supporting all the beautiful women out there and especially their businesses. Speaking of amazing businesses have you seen the feature I did on Oleosophia? If you haven’t seen it, click on the link and check it out.

Virtual Cooking Classes with Featured Guests

I came up with an idea to bring “guests” to my virtual cooking classes. I think this idea will present something unique to my classes, and this gives the participants an opportunity to ask questions and meet the guests.

The first guest is Marianna Devetzoglou from Oleosophia. I absolutely love her enthusiasm and drive towards Oleosophia, and I know she will share her passions with us in the next cooking class. If you want to learn about Greek olive oil, now is your chance to learn from a professional.

I am so happy to have my next cooking class up!

In this class, we are happy to host Marianna Devetzoglou, Olive Oil Sommelier, producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece, and founder of OLEOSOPHIA!

A Taste of Greece Virtual Cooking Class

Learn how to make our famous Greek pita bread along with a beautiful mediterranean spread “Kalamata dip” to go with the bread. Our olive oil sommelier Marianna will guide us through the secrets of olive oil, its myths, and, of course, its integral role in our kitchen! So, don’t miss out on this cooking class! Expect the class to be 90 minutes long, and don’t forget to bring your favorite rolling pin!!

This is a hands-on class but if you do not want to cook along, you can definitely just sit back and watch the demonstration. Marianna will talk to us live from Greece and share her passions on her favorite Greek ingredient; olive oil.

Once you purchase the class, an email from Kouzounas Kitchen will arrive in your inbox shortly with detailed instructions. Email will be sent from “”


Recipe card, recipe ingredients, Zoom login, Zoom class link, and how to prepare yourself prior to the class.
**You do need the Zoom app installed from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Date: March 27th

Time: 1 PM pst

Timeframe: 90 minute class

Cost: $50 USD per person
We do not accept refunds, but if for some reason you can not make this class, we can credit you for a future class.

Tickets: Purchase here

Any questions or comments:

Class is open worldwide and we limit the class to 10 participants. Please reserve your seat by getting your ticket today!

“Let Your Taste Buds Say OPA”


We hope to see you on March 27th!!


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