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Wasabi Ginger Orange Sesame Tuna Recipe


Happy Sunday!

Continuing orange weekend here is one of my favorites!

The best combination in my opinion is wasabi ginger soy sauce. It is so good and tuna is the best fish really for these flavors. I learned how to make a similar dish while I was a chef in Las Vegas at Rice & Co. We did a wasabi-crusted tuna appetizer, and yes it was delicious. I hope you enjoy this delicious wasabi ginger orange sesame tuna recipe.



Wasabi Ginger Sesame Tuna Recipe

Servings 4




  1. Blend all ingredients inside a blender until combined. Place tuna steaks inside a ziplock bag and pour the sauce over the top. Chill for 15 minutes.
  2. When ready to cook the tuna steaks, place sesame seeds on a large plate seasoned with salt and pepper. Roll the tuna in the sesame on each side, and then cook inside a hot pan with oil. Make sure you only pan-sear each side for a few otherwise you will overcook the tuna. Serve over arugula greens, and more wasabi if desired.





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