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Greek Ouzo Lemonito Cocktail Drink- Valentine’s Day Special

Happy Friday evening! I cooked up a fun live session the other day with my friend Sophia from If you watched us live, we made crusted lamb, skordalia, and this very delicious Greek-inspired mojito cocktail. The Greek-inspired is the “ouzo” and lemon in the mix.


**This one here has more of the “Blue Curacao” in it for a deeper blue color.


Greek Ouzo Lemonito Cocktail Drink 

Servings: 1




  1. In a shaker muddle the mint, sugar, and lemon juice. Make a wet paste and try to muddle the mint so you get all the oils out of the leaves.
  2. Then pour the ouzo, lemon simple syrup, or mixer, and mix to combine. Toss in a few ice cubes, cover the shaker and shake shake shake. Once the mixture is blended, pour inside a cocktail glass filled with crushed iced. Top off with club soda. Serve with a lemon slice and mint.
  3. To make the cocktail “blue” add about a tablespoon or tablespoon half of Blue Curacao to the drink and stir.



**The drink on the left wasn’t as vibrant with the “blue” color because I didn’t add as much Blue Curacao to it.






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