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Category: Recipes

Healthy doesn’t have to be boring. I will show you how to liven up the plate with healthy delicious recipes and fun facts to tell your friends.

Featured Post- Sincerely Sophoula

Happy Friday! In today’s post, we have a guest! Please welcome Sophia, owner of Sincerely Sophoula business. Sophia resides in San Jose California, and I am so happy to sit… Read more Featured Post- Sincerely Sophoula

Featured Post- Please Welcome Oleosophia

One of the most beautiful ingredients in my kitchen is olive oil. Olive oil represents so many things for me, from baptismal use and for medicinal purposes, to cooking with… Read more Featured Post- Please Welcome Oleosophia

Featured Chef- Foodenyo

Hello foodies! Happy beautiful Friday to you. I am so happy to introduce a new Greek chef to you who currently resides in Berlin, Germany.  She is new to Kouzounas… Read more Featured Chef- Foodenyo

Nescafe Coffee Vanilla Syrup Recipe

This is perfect in iced or hot coffees, over waffles, ice cream, and affogato. You can make it in a matter of minutes, and it is so yummy!! Coffee fans… Read more Nescafe Coffee Vanilla Syrup Recipe

Baklava Rolls Recipe

Happy hump day! It is midweek and I am craving my baklava rolls again. We had my virtual baklava class a month ago and it was so fun! I had… Read more Baklava Rolls Recipe

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