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Category: Soups

Whether it be cold or hot soup, try out some of our unique soup recipes.

Jalapeno Tomato Soup Recipe

Jalapeno week is going strong and today I  am sharing a yummy vegetarian soup recipe. If you love a spicy soup with flavors of jalapeno and tomato this recipe is… Read more Jalapeno Tomato Soup Recipe

For all you lemon lovers… -AVGOLEMENO SOUP-

By request- AVGOLEMONO SOUP- (Chicken soup.) This soup is what we call the best “medicine” for anything really but especially to keep the nasty cold away. If you love lemon… Read more For all you lemon lovers… -AVGOLEMENO SOUP-

Fakes~ Greek Lentil Soup

Hello beautiful friends! Who is ready for Greek Easter? I can’t wait especially since my birthday happens to be the day before Easter. 🙂 Want to learn more about Greek… Read more Fakes~ Greek Lentil Soup

Revithosoupa~Greek Chickpea Soup

The most simplest Greek soup recipe, that is definitely worth a try. Perfect for those who are fasting for Greek Easter. Revithosoupa~ΡΕΒΙΘΌΣΟΥΠΑ  Greek Chickpea Soup   Ingredients: 16 oz dried… Read more Revithosoupa~Greek Chickpea Soup

The Governor Olive Oil Review & Healthy Carrot Soup Recipe

Kalo Mina, as we say in Greek. Happy new month to you all!! It feels like Spring has hit Northern CA already. 🙂 The beautiful flowers are blossoming, and the… Read more The Governor Olive Oil Review & Healthy Carrot Soup Recipe

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