Greek Recipes By Fellow Food Bloggers

greek recipes

Indulge in the wonderful Greek recipes from around the world. Each of these recipes are by some amazing food bloggers from my very own new food group called Foodify. Foodify started back in January of 2015, where only a handful of great food bloggers came together and decided to start their very own group. I am the founder of Foodify, and I could not have done it with out my admins and friends. Thank you very much to Athina, Pany, Eleni, and Gina. We have all put in 24-7 of social media work to build Foodify, and I can not be happier.  Not only do we share Greek recipes, we also share Indian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, English, and much more.



I interviewed 3 food bloggers from Foodify that agreed to be a part of this new category on Kouzounas Kitchen. I wanted to share the love for Greek recipes, and really I wanted to see what other people from around the world could create with the Greek cuisine. Plenty of fresh flavors in every recipe so please do take the time to read the bios on each member, as well as their wonderful and flavorful recipes.  As we say in Greek, “Kali Orexi.” Bon Appetit.

**You can find each of their featured posts under the “Greek Recipes By Fellow Food Bloggers.” Just simply scroll down the list and click on their blog names. Cheers~




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