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Today is a big day for Greece.

Independence day! On March 25th from 1821- 1832 the Turks invaded Greece. They mainly attacked the Balkans and the Aegean sea. Something interesting about this, they invaded my dad’s village, Mani. The Peloponnese was in open revolt against the Turks and by October 1821, the Greeks under Theodoros Kolokotronis had captured Tripolitsa. The Peloponnesian revolt was quickly followed by revolts in Crete, Macedonia, and Central Greece, which would soon be suppressed. Meanwhile, the makeshift Greek navy was achieving success against the Ottoman navy in the Aegean Sea and prevented Ottoman… Read more Today is a big day for Greece.

Who is your favorite chef on TV?

I know some of you watch Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, The Taste, and all the other cooking shows out there. Who is your favorite chef on any TV show and why? I want to hear your feedback. I can say that Chef Adam on The Taste is by far my favorite for two reasons. He is from my hometown Sacramento, CA and my mom and his mom went to school together and he is a great chef. My second favorite is Chef Ludo. I like his French style and his… Read more Who is your favorite chef on TV?