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Here you will find featured business’s that are from around the world.

Travelling to Greece anytime soon……

Ever wondered what traditional Irish classic dishes taste like….

Have you ever been to Killarney,Ireland? If so then you probably heard of this fine dining restaurant that has made one of the BEST Top restaurants in Ireland. Here you will find some of the Top Chefs from Europe. This restaurant was founded in 2004 and all of the locals enjoy the great classical plates. The team is led by Restaurant manager Madina Zakire and Head Chef Chad Byrne, Sous Chef Adam, who all strive to serve the finest food, sourced from local suppliers, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.… Read more Ever wondered what traditional Irish classic dishes taste like….

Travelling to Greece anytime soon……

I always wanted to do a article on this amazing hotel. My two great friends from Greece, Kosmas & Rena Arvanitis are the owners of this magnificent  yet santorinian architectural style. Their beautiful hotel named: Artemis Suites in Santorini, over looks the caldera and has mind blowing views of the Aegean Sea. This hotel is located on the biggest Caldera of the Wolrd, the 4 star boutique hotel is built by native craftsmen using local materials and embellished in the interiors of vivid colors! This is a perfect place to… Read more Travelling to Greece anytime soon……

COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two well known Business’s will be featured in less then one hour from now!!! Please stay tuned to this blog and feel free to ask questions or comment to the… Read more COMING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the News!!!!!

Please make sure to tune in to my blog tomorrow! Friday March 15th- I will have the below links Featured as well as some great bio’s on the Owners!

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