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Apple Cocktail with no alcohol :)

I came across a recipe similar to this one I am posting. I loved the ingredients, so here it is.  Apple Cocktail Recipe Ingredients- 5 apples 1 1/2 limes 1 1/2 cups of ice 1 cinnamon stick 1 fresh orange Directions- In a juicer juice the apples, orange and limes. Fill a glass halfway with the crushed ice. Pour in the juice. Add the cinnamon stick to the glass to decorate and for flavor.  Kali Orexi!        

When I was at the Grocery store today, this is what I came across.

Anyone try Korean Melon? I would love to try a recipe with these. 🙂

Yes.. I finally found blood oranges!!!

Today I was busy running around finding the best fruits I can possibly find for a catering event tomorrow. I would like to list a few awesome super markets in California that I love. If you are having a hard time finding the right grocery store for fruit, then please take a look at the list below, if you live in the Sacramento area.  List of awesome Grocery stores:       KP International Market- Rancho Cordova, CA   Whole foods Market- Sacramento Surrounding areas    Berkeley Bowl Grocery Store-… Read more Yes.. I finally found blood oranges!!!

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