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Friday Menu!!

Happy Friday to everyone. If you are in need of a Friday menu, well here it is. The menu today is consisting of healthy and very simple and easy meals to whip up. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments below. Friday Menu Sauteed swiss chard with garlic & anise- (Starter) Ingredients: 2 bunches of red swiss chard 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 2 garlic cloves- minced 1 anise bunch- white part chopped/minced 2 tsp of fresh dill- chopped 1/2 cup of leeks chopped sea salt & ground… Read more Friday Menu!!

Root beer in a recipe!! Whatttt…..

Ever wonder what root beer tastes like in a sauce? I had a root beer inspiration the last few days after I went to this new grand opening at my… Read more Root beer in a recipe!! Whatttt…..

My favorite top 20 ingredients to cook with.

I wanted to share with everyone my top 20 ingredients that I love to cook with. What are your top ingredients to cook with? Top Ingredient List for Kouzounas Kitchen:… Read more My favorite top 20 ingredients to cook with.

Make sure you enter to win the “Rock it cooking contest from Friends Of The Earth Lavender

I will be making the recipes that you submit. So why not try this fun contest and enter to win a free essential oil & culinary lavender tin.

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