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Just curious..

I keep hearing about this Paleo Diet. Have any of you tried this diet? Does it work for you? My friend was just telling me the great news about his diet and how it works out for him. I wanted to hear everyone’s feedback on this and is it hard to follow? If some of you are new to the Paleolithic diet like I am, click on this link below and see what it is all about. Related articles Paleo Diet Infographic ( 5 Motives to Check out a… Read more Just curious..

What is your favorite Greek dish?

Here is a fun poll for everyone. I really wanted to know, what are your favorite Greek dishes? Have a wonderful Monday! * I loved this image and had to insert this into today’s post. 🙂


To all the cooks, and chefs out there. Has anyone cooked with Cake Meal by Manischewitz? If so how do you like it? I was thinking to make a chocolate chiffon cake with this ingredient. 

Honey & It’s wonders

I thought this was very interesting and probably something that you should all read about. If you love honey, then this will be something to look at. Cheers-

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