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Simple Spinach Horta 

Happy Monday foodies!! What’s on your dinner table this evening? I’m happy to share this super easy and healthy side dish on the blog. What is horta you might ask?… Read more Simple Spinach Horta 

~Special Spice Pack Deal~

Holidays are approaching us shortly!! Looking for some fabulous organic spices and salts to cook with?!! Check out our new spices on our Etsy Shop. Herbs De Provence Spice (Salt… Read more ~Special Spice Pack Deal~

Gnocchi Alla Vodka Tomato Cream Sauce

It’s Italian night at my house. Lol not really but I got in the mood to mess around with gnocchi and I noticed that one of my favorite chefs had… Read more Gnocchi Alla Vodka Tomato Cream Sauce

Cooking With Lavender

The aroma of lavender is just not enough. I want to taste it! My family owns a lavender company called Friends Of The Earth Lavender. We grow our own plants and produce organic oil and products. Check out our official store and website below. Cooking With Lavender: A few years ago I was asked how to make lavender creme brulee. My mom taught me the best recipe ever! I have to give credit to her. I must say her recipe is the best I have ever had.… Read more Cooking With Lavender

Saturday’s Food For Thought Is……..

Last night this power food was on my mind for some reason, so I wanted to feature it today. -Blueberries is Saturday’s Food For Thought- Blueberries are one of the healthiest foods. Every time I think of Blueberries, don’t ask me why but I think of Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory. The scene where Violet grabs this certain kind of gum, and turns into a blueberry. I inserted the YouTube video, so I can bring you back to the Willie Wonka days. 🙂 Okay let’s get back to the… Read more Saturday’s Food For Thought Is……..

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