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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kouzounas Kitchen wanted to wish you and your family a very special Valentine’s Day! I made a video just for Kouzounas Kitchen fans and viewers. Hope you enjoy and have a great day with your loved ones.  Please click on the video below to view.  

Please Pretty Please Vote..

Hey guys, wishing you all a Happy Wednesday. I need your help! I am hoping to get at least 200 votes until Sunday. If we make this happen, which I hope we do, I will hold a contest on our Facebook page. > Vote counter: 283 Please share and re share our voting link which is right here. > Thank you!!   I wanted to share something special from a fellow blogger friend of mine over at Elaine has an awesome blog, where she shares wonderful vegetarian recipes. I… Read more Please Pretty Please Vote..

“To have a succ…

“To have a successful restaurant, not only do you need great food, but you need to be driven!” Well said Restaurant Divided! I love this show!!

Just got done making Mediterranean Mini Omelets.

I started off making French toast this morning, then I ventured off to making these Mediterranean omelets. My boyfriend came in the kitchen, and he was like what are you… Read more Just got done making Mediterranean Mini Omelets.


“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” ― Julia Child

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