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Vegetarian Pastitsio Recipe By Foodzesty Blog!

Check out this delicious meatless Greek pastitsio recipe by Foodzesty blog. Hi all! I’m so sorry I have been mia but I’m in Europe for a month now and trying to get back into blogging. I found Sophie’s delicious meatless pastitsio today, and had to share! I hope you enjoy this recipe!      Hey there foodie friends, Okay, if you love Greek food and have traveled to Greece, you have definitely tried Greek Pastitsio.  The traditional recipe calls for meat, but in this recipe, you will not find any. … Read more Vegetarian Pastitsio Recipe By Foodzesty Blog!

November Superfood Week

Hello foodies! I have something exciting to share today! I created a fun event starting today (Monday) which includes 6 other amazing foodies from around the world. Read on to… Read more November Superfood Week