Fluffy Pancakes

Happy mid week to you!! What is cooking in your kitchen? On today’s post we are talking about fluffy -fluffy pancakes. You can’t resist these fluffy, moist pancakes. The family will thank you!  Randell,  this one is for you my friend! Happy cooking.  ​ ​ Fluffy Pancake  Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup all purpose flour 1 … More Fluffy Pancakes

Boyfriend Smoothie

Happy Friday foodies! On today’s post, I will be sharing a NEW smoothie recipe, along with a funny and inspirational story about how my boyfriend decided to “go green.” Sort of green, shall I say. 🙂 We have been together a little over 5 years, and in that time frame up until a few weeks … More Boyfriend Smoothie

Simple Spinach Horta 

Happy Monday foodies!! What’s on your dinner table this evening? I’m happy to share this super easy and healthy side dish on the blog. What is horta you might ask? Horta in Greek means weeds. (Wild mountain greens.) Some of these weeds include; spinach, dandelion root, fennel leaves, and much more. I grew up with … More Simple Spinach Horta 

Happy Weekend! 

Hello lovely Foodies! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. We have two events coming up!! A Taste Of Greece~ Cork It Again Wine  Enjoy a beautiful evening of Greek appetizers, gourmet wine, and great ambience at Cork It Again Wine. Come by anytime Saturday, June 3rd between 2-6 pm. Ticket Includes: Your choice … More Happy Weekend!