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Rustic Pasta & Wine Virtual Cooking Class

Come join us this June 13th at 1 pm pst for a fun and exciting virtual cooking class!

I am a huge fan of sharing the love for my beautiful friends around the globe, and I am honored to bring one of them with me to my next virtual cooking class!

Featured guest star all the way from Cyprus, my friend Despina Telemachou from the beautiful show “Wine Scribble” on Youtube.


Despina Telemachou is the creator of the WineScribble Wine Show, on YouTube. She is also a wine journalist and an author. She spends most of her time behind a video camera, on the island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Rustic Pasta & Wine Virtual Cooking Class

Time: 1 pm pst

Date: June 13th

Price: $65 usd


Learn how to make rustic pasta dough by HAND!! No need for a pasta machine this time, but if you want to use one that is up to you. Chef krystina will show you how to make simple pasta by hand, and we will enjoy a live talk with our featured guest from Cyprus about the rules of wine and food pairings! Be prepared to make the pasta dough by hand, and it will get messy! Make sure you have a large enough surface to work on, and room for the wine too! 🙂 We will serve the pasta with a lemony brown butter sauce, topped with mizithra and fresh basil leaves.

So, don’t miss out on this cooking class! Expect the class to be 90 minutes long, and don’t forget to bring your favorite wine to pair with our delicious pasta!

**We recommend pairing a classic oaked Chardonnay, such as a French Burgundy.

Lightly oaked is
better as it will allow more lemony aromas to come through as well. Packed Chardonnay tastes
buttery, nutty, and creamy, which will go well with this dish.

Purchase tickets:

ON SALE NOW $60.00

Save $5.00!!


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