My Second Cookbook Is Released!

Happy week to you! I have been keeping a secret from you guys for a while, but it wasn’t really a secret since there is a PHOTO of the second cookbook on my sidebar on the main page!! Yes, A DROP of LADI & MY GREEK SOUL is here!! Can you believe the second cookbook is finally here, standing at 350 pages in full color. 🙂 Read all about this exciting new Greek cookbook below.

A Drop of Ladi & My Greek Soul

A Drop of Ladi & My Greek Soul is much more than just a cookbook! It encompasses Greek recipes, intertwining traditional and modern styles to bring the best of Greek cooking to your table—perfect for a beginner or intermediate foodie who appreciates Greek cuisine!

This book is filled with 100+ unique recipes from four different regions of Greece and beautiful family stories. Chef Krystina will take you on a Hellenic adventure, perusing traditional foods, wine pairings, travel stories, and the appreciation for Greek culture by beautiful people around the world.

Sit back and relax while learning how to make rustic phyllo dough or maybe even feta saganaki with an ouzo honey sauce. “Let your taste buds say ‘Opa!”

The original art is done by artist Dora Themelis.

Read the REVIEWS here by Yvonne Payne & Windy City Greek

I had the chance to include well over 20 featured Greeks in the book and some of them include the beautiful Maria Frantzis from Story of Stefania company, Andonios Kasandrinos from Kouzini company, Andreas Saviolakis from Cretan Thyme Honey Saviolakis family, Maria Karamitsos from Windy City Greek, Dora Themelis; New York Greek artist, and Yvonne Payne; author and blogger on Yvonne Payne blog. This book isn’t just a cookbook with recipes, it is a book filled with many emotions from Greeks around the world.

Featured below is Maria Frantzis and her beautiful yiayia Evangelia in Australia showcasing their featured pages in the second cookbook. I included Story of Stefania in the book as well as yiayia Evangelia’s recipe for revani.  Thank you for these lovely photos all the way from Australia! 

Windy City Greek interview

Yvonne Payne interview

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Thank you very much to those who have a special spot in the book, and who have helped me fulfill this dream! I thank my formatter, Michelle, for long hours of work in the past few months! I want to thank my dear friend and editor Athina for all the hard work not only on this project but on the last 3 projects! I would like to thank Nestor for all the amazing photography work and love! Last but not least my family who has tried every recipe in the book. Thank you for believing in me and for your love and support.