Kouzounas Kitchen Online Store

Check out our NEW online store where we share our fabulous organic spices & teas. For all your cooking needs, we have a lovely range of spices.

Kouzounas Kitchen

Don’t forget to use coupon code : KOUZOUNASKITCHENGRANDOPE to receive $5.00 off your purchase!! (Good until January 30th.)


We will be adding an aromatherapy section to our store soon. Including organic bees wax lotions, organic sugar scrubs just in time for Valentine’s Day as well as a few other favorites. 

Kouzounas Kitchen

We finally had the chance to share a online store with you!! We make 100 % organic spices and teas fresh from our garden. Our teas range anywhere from green and black tea. A few favorites are mango, peach,matcha green,  lavender earl grey, and spiced licorice.

As a child I grew up with a garden and watching my parents use organic and fresh spices in the kitchen. I wanted to share the love of fresh tasty food with Kouzounas Kitchen’s spices. After receiving many questions on where to purchase our organic spices & teas, it was time to make a store front!!

Let us know what you think of our online Square store, and I hope you enjoy. Photos are coming for those who are interested in what our products look like.

Please keep in mind that our products are between 3-4 oz depending on the tea/ spice. Each loose…

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