A Celebration of Salmon Recipes (Featuring Kvarøy Arctic )

I am so happy to share this exciting post that features a beautiful company all the way from Norway! I would like to give this company a proper introduction. Please meet Kvarøy Arctic.

Kvarøy Arctic History

They are a third-generation family business from Kvarøy located on a Norwegian island in the arctic circle. Their family business was started by Alf Olsen in 1976. Alf then passed down his enthusiasm to his sons; the sons passed their own dedication down to their sons. Kvaroy Arctic farms raise the healthiest and tastiest farmed salmon on the market. The BIGGEST reason I love this company is their stance on sustainability.


—Alf-Gøran Knutsen

Learn how to say “Kvarøy (say “Kwa-ray”).

The Essentials of Kvaroy Arctic

  • Omega 3 content is twice that of other farmed salmon.
  • Symbiotic relationship with the lumpsucker fish to control the sea lice.
  • They use blockchain technology to provide data on the health of the waters and the fish.
  • There are never any antibiotics used in their farmed salmon.

When searching for good fish to use in the culinary field, it is quite challenging for me. I live in a very small rural community. Pollock Pines, California is a town nestled in the Sierra foothills at an elevation of 4,000 feet. The thousands of forested pine trees are in my backyard, hence the name, Pollock Pines. We are about 45 miles east of Sacramento, the capital of California. It is difficult for me to find good quality products, especially fish. I usually have to drive down to Folsom, CA to shop at Costco or Whole Foods. So, I was approached by Kvaroy Arctic to do a collaboration with them! Join us and travel the world through 5 different cuisines, including Greek of course.

Kvarøy Arctic Certifications

  • Whole Foods Certified
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • American Heart Association Certified
  • BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Certified
  • Kosher Certified
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Eco-Certified

Kvaroy Arctic Products

The two products I am highlighting in the series of recipes featuring Kvaroy Arctic are:

  • Smoked salmon (4-ounce package)
  • Frozen salmon (3-pound bag)

Kvaroy Arctic sent me a HUGE package of delicious salmon products.  Not only do they take the time to make sure the packaging is well insulated, but they also ship the box very fast.

I love that this company is producing not only fillets but introducing salmon hot dogs, salmon hamburger patties, and more. I will go into more detail on the products below. 

Salmon burgers- They come in 4 flavors


Original, original & cheese, jalapeno & cheese, and chili & cheddar.

Salmon Hot Dogs- They come in 4 flavors.


Original, original & cheese, jalapeno & cheese, and chili & cheddar.

Rope Hung Smoked Salmon (4-ounce package)

They cook their smoked salmon in a heritage smoker in a traditional brick kiln, one of the world’s few remaining traditional brick kilns.

Whole Salmon

Fresh & Frozen Salmon Fillets

Where to purchase Kvaroy Arctic:

Click here to find a local store that carries Kvaroy Arctic products!

A Celebration of Kvaroy Arctic Recipes

We had fun formulating these Greek-style recipes and shooting the photos! Stay tuned in for all three coming on the blog soon.

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Check us out on July 28th for a LIVE INSTAGRAM with Kvaroy Arctic. 


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